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First prize is a Nissan GT-R MY 13 with Premium or Recaro Seats, 3.8 V6 Twin Turbo 550PS.
Prize can be exchanged for cash value of 40,000€.
1. The winner of this challenge will be the first player to place a “chain” of 20 winning 4-folds in a row.

2. A 4-fold is an accumulator bet that consists of 4 selections. For the bet to win all 4 selections must win.

3. All 4-folds that you place on your account that meet the following qualifying criteria will be counted towards the challenge:
The bet must be a 4-fold.
System bets that include 4-folds (Yankees Lucky15s, System 4/5, System 4/6, etc.) will not qualify towards this competition.
The stake of each 4-fold must be at least 1€ or currency equivalent.
Every selection in each 4-fold must have odds of 1.20 or greater.
Every selection in each 4-fold must be unique from all other selections in the chain.

I need to try after wining a ps4 hehe Big Smile GG AND G.L Worship

20 winning 4 folds is a lot especially in a row it seems quite impossible imo

Good luck!!!
You will need it Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

A really nice car for a prize,though I think the insurance would be out of my league so the 40k would have to do!! Smile
Saying that,it is pretty hard to win with a 4 fold on it's own so the probability to win twenty in a row sounds virtually impossible even if you could be picking odds on favourites. Smile

Good luck to anyone who tries this one.

The odds on winning this prize are immense...

At the very best, your odds would be (1.2*1.2*1.2*1.2) to the power of 20....

So that's 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736 x 2.0736...

Which makes odds of 2,160,228.46201

Then you have to factor in that if a gambling site is offering odds of 1.2, the REAL chance of that event happening is going to be more like 1.8...

So the very best chance you can hope to have here is around three million to one...

If you were to put 5 lines on the UK Lottery, your odds of winning would be 2,800,000 to 1 and if you won you could buy over 50 of these cars, with money left over for insurance....

So a great gimmick to get people talking... but not really a very good promotion.

I sense if someone manages to pull this off it would have been rigged.....and I bet someone will win it so they can offer something again in the future and people will just waste more money trying at something that will never come to them!

Big Smile

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