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Haven't made this mistake in a while, guess karma is still smiling:

***** 888poker Hand History for Game 346248546 *****
$0.25/$0.50 Blinds No Limit Holdem - *** 09 12 2014 21:38:04
Table Kendall 9 Max (Real Money)
Seat 9 is the button
Total number of players : 9
Seat 1: mahdrof ( $54.54 )
Seat 2: B ( $67.53 )
Seat 3: C ( $50 )
Seat 4: D ( $59.28 )
Seat 5: E ( $50 )
Seat 6: F ( $81.45 )
Seat 7: G ( $63.79 )
Seat 9: I ( $49.25 )
Seat 10: J ( $50 )
J posts small blind [$0.25]
mahdrof posts big blind [$0.50]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to mahdrof [ 4s, 3d ]
B folds
C folds
D raises [$1.31]
E calls [$1.31]
F folds
G folds
I folds
J raises [$49.75]
mahdrof calls [$49.50]
D folds
E folds
** Dealing flop ** [ 8h, Ad, 7c ]
** Dealing turn ** [ 6c ]
** Dealing river ** [ 5c ]
** Summary **
mahdrof shows [ 4s, 3d ]
J shows [ Qd, Qs ]
mahdrof collected [ $98.62 ]

LOL,,nice result though mahdrof Thumbs Up

hahaha good one Thumbs Up

Russian guy, he is probably complaining on some Russian poker forum how poker is rigged! Big Smile

With lots of Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!


Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

Cool, cool, cool.
Indeed karma was due.
And honestly I can imagine the poor guys face after this as well as his tilt rage and so on. Just like you mentioned he is probably on some other forum copying tha same exact hand to others meanwhile crying a river deep inside of him about the injustice of poker and how every room is cheating with the random number generator etc.
QQ is not an unbeatable hand so I guess this one is really on him.


Nifty sized pot on that one dude...! Thumbs Up Dollar

Posted by demodawggy:

Nifty sized pot on that one dude...! Thumbs Up Dollar

Thanks Demo, but it sure wasn't a good feeling when I hit "call" instead of "fold", saw a green $50 chip move out from my stack, cards were revealed and the flop instantly came down without a 3 or a 4 in sight! With only a few dollars of profit to show for close to two hours of play when it happened, this was going to put me solidly in the red. Then the turn card came out and I started calling for the 5 on the river and BINGO!

A very nice outcome on a very big mistake. I can imagine what the other player was saying , when the cards were turned over!! Congratulations to you on the pot but try not to do this again because you cant be this lucky again (or can you!!) Big Smile

Posted by doubletop777:
I can imagine what the other player was saying , when the cards were turned over!!

He is a reg at 888 and I find he has a good mix of aggression and solid play, and typical of a multi-tabling reg he didn't say anything. He must have been thinking some interesting thoughts but on the other hand, maybe he won't give me credit for a good hand next time we are in a pot against each other?

Do you play with monopoly dollars $$$ ? Big Smile
That was a very very "lucky" mistake call from you.
Imagine you got AA and see that flop falling and than this happens Tongue
Most of the time the russians do that kind of stupid calls and wins, now it was payback-time.

- Bingo-poker got to love it -

well u had a mini monster hand to begin with.

thats how we should call low unsuited connectors, mini monsters. plus these hands can work wonders because in the future people could put you on any hand really so in this case its a win-win situation of sorts Tongue

next time youre in for a big pot with your trip aces someone might say 'hey thats the guy with 43o im gonna throw my $428 at him' :o

Hey Mahdrof, that is one huge chunk of luck there champ Thumbs Up And i bet after the 5 dropped you had a grin from ear to ear Big Smile Sometimes wild hands are good but champ, that would have to go down to the wildest stroke of luck in a cashie Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar well done mate

Yea i bet it is smiling all right. Better be careful about the payback though, cause most of the times
what goes up then goes down Smile
The wrong click is a mistake that all players eventually do, if they play often and especially

I was just playing the Bankroll Mob freeroll on Pokerstaars and things werd going my way. But then I have lost kK against AQ. With not many chips left I had to pusch with K10 and lost. That way I only finished 46 th.

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