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So I won a Pokerstars Spin n Go ticket - thought it was like for 5$...turns out I got a 30dollar ticket after checking my tourney tickets last night since my bankroll was running low...was humming and harring about when to play it. well just got out to someone who slow played AA all the way in a $2.20 tourney. so was like well f**k it, im going to play the spin n go.....won it for 60$ sure it was the minimum roll to win with that buy in, but its 60$ for free! and dodged the turn and river suck out! Dollar Dollar Dollar
so practically the BRM Christmas tree gave me a few more days of playing tourney's with a free bankroll Smile


Hi, everybody.

In time the won ticket gave rise for good game. So to speak, in due time in the right place. And
continue further. Progress.

Merry Christmas.

Good luck all at tables and in life.

Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar

thats pretty sick Smile that bitch ass tree didnt lemme win anything yet tho :S

That's great! Now go to work on your new bankroll and see what you can build it into Big Smile


Now THAT turned out nice...!!! Thumbs Up Dollar ...a win like that is great for lifting your spirits up again, and putting a little zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing back in your step....!

I've won a few nice things too,...namely 500 Mob Points,...50 Safe Shots.... a ticket on PKR that I just took the 3 Special Draw entry tickets instead...!

Lot's of goodies too over on PP with their Under The Tree promo...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Heart

The prizes are starting to rack up, and this story is a good example of prizes turning into success! Well done Robbo on your win. Make sure you use your winnings on something good rather than blow it on slots or something similar! Happy Christmas!

Congratulations for winning a Pokerstars Spin n Go ticket in the christmas calender. Unfortunately I am not having that much luck this year. I have opened all the doors so far, but everything I am getting is a sorry.

To date i cant complaint about the Xmas calendar 3 times 200 mob points is very nice for me.

Thanks BRM but even if i said that it was very nice to date it does not mean that some more would not be welcome. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Congrats man
A very nice prize indeed so far not to bad myself won tickets to the $500 party poker freeroll used one and reddem the other two on tickets but as you see nothing as big as your prize
Just got to keep on trying opening every single door and hope for the best

Congatulations on your win.
For a freebie a $30 ticket for a spin and go is a great prize and to then double it up to $60 especially when you sound like it is definitely going to make a difference to your bankroll makes this Christmas promo one of the best poker promos available.It has not been the greatest for me but I had a good couple of months before this one so not complaining. Smile

Congatulations to all winners. Yesterday I have won some points for titan poker in the christmas calender. This is my third win since it started. I had already one Mob Draw tickets two times.

Merry christmas!! Smile

Hi people!

Cogratzz on the free bankroll! Nice hit to the Spin&Go! Wish I was that lucky!

Free bankrolls are always welcome, right? Smile)

Gl and have fun!

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