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Post your best Freeroll/Wins here, let's hear em1

On that note, today after work, I entered the Fallsview freeroll Sat at PartyPoker. I ended up winning a $5 sat tic. that started 10 min later.
So...I watched as the prise changed, it started with first getting the $50 entry, and 2nd getting $20 cash. (I wanted the dosh!). As people entered, 2nd grew to a tic., and then third. As 3rd grew towards the $50 ticket level, I was hoping it wouldn't at first, then I figured there was still time for fourth! In the end, 1st-3rd got a ticket, fourth got...wait for it...$49.95! Lo effin' L!
I will spare you the final tble donks and trials that I suffered and overcame(tho they were there), but when there were four left, and I had won out over such odds to go so far, and win so well, I wanted only to lose! Unfortunately, so it seemed, I was dealt A10d on the button, but I was shortstack, so had hope as I shoved. 2 like minded (I'm sure) individuals called, but Damn, I hit top 2 on the flop, but wait, with the river came a four up flush giving the win to the BB, and the $49.95 to yours truly!!

As I Asked, p;ease post your best win stories in reply, and Merry Christ(nondenominationa)mas to all!

Very nice mate, well done.

My best win is a £500 laptop, sony, that I am using as we speak (and that I never, ever mention Tongue )

like you, 1st place was ticket to live event, and no-one wanted it except one guy, 2nd was I-phone and third was the laptop.

we didn't collude in chat but it was clear we were letting the guy who wanted the event package have it.

think about 2k entrants but not 100% sure on that

freeroll fame you say, hmmm cant decide which one it was... i guess all of them belong in the fame list:

*$0.03 in 9 people freeroll sng
*$0.18 in 10K+ field when finished sth ~2000th
*$0.11 in some freeroll i can't remember, i was tearing everyone at the tables and the reward was awesome imho.

you see i'm no slouch when it comes to great results in freerolls, you just have to dig deep and maybe you will reach my level someday.

well the most recent was 11 cents in brm freeroll in PS where i got knoched out with pocket aces and one on the flop, but the lucky bstard got runner runner to a flush Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
The biggest was $45 (dont remember how i got knocked out)

Lol, at least you have realistic expectations Pochu
$45 is some great freerolling 41ig! ! nice scores!

Was years ago at Everest poker.
I did my first deposit and after that i did won First Depositor 500 dollars freeroll ( firt place was not 500, it was 200 something i guess).

My last best result in freeroll was a finaltable on BRM PokerStars freerolls made final table and finished 6Tth. Im pretty sur that a lot o you knows that its not very easy to make final table on pokerstars.

I did many final tables on Full Tilt while ago and won good money in one of them. Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

My best freeroll prize was a 215$ sunday million entrance, in a sat tournament for portuguese depositors. But it was a nightmare.

At the sat tournament there were 15 tickets up for grabs. When there were only 16 players I was very short stacked with less than 2 blinds. The blind came and I was automatically all-in. I had aces. Most of the table had called trying to get me out. A magic ace appeared on the river giving me the trips and comfortable stack. The tournament ended in the next hand and i won the ticket.

At SM I finished 2 places from the prizes. I shipped my stack (which was pretty comfortable i believe) in a K78 flop, after 2 players called my 4-bet pre-flop. Got snap called on the flop when all in. I thought I was about to bust to someone holding two pairs or trips. Nope. One of the other players had aces as well, and the other had jacks. A fucking jack on the river, and a splashed tablet on the wall.

That's poker fellows Spade Club Heart Diamond


Nice snag there Hunter...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

...long time no see...! Thumbs Up

My nicest freeroll wins came when I won an extra $100 entry ticket to a WPT Montreal event spnsored by partypoker,...on which I won the ticket,....and when I didn't use it by the end of the promotion...

...Ka-CHING...!!! Dollar Dollar Dollar ....they credited me T$100... Smile Heart Dollar

Hey Dawg;
I was thinking of that win when I started this thread, I remember we both got the tic., and then the promo ended and Bam $t100! I did $175 in one at PS or FT, I forget. I was 7th, with an average stack when my rural internet crashed! I tried to restart, while trying to get ahold of a buddy to play for me, no luck. When I finally reconnected it was just in time to see my forced all in and death...still in 7th! fir4st was something like $1500 and a heads up with some pro for more dosh!

Too many to remember for me, but the one's that stick out are...

1st out of 350 to win entry to UKIPT ME
1st out of 7000 to win entry to Sunday Million
Bounty in Party Poker tourney to win signed pool cue & tickets to Pool Masters
1st out of 660 to win entry to a $1k WSOP ME qualifier... finished 21st in that tourney with 18 going through...
Then a few $200+ binks on various sites.

Reminds me of my favourite poker quote I've heard online...

"I've never deposited any money, so every tourney is a freeroll" Smile


my best Freeroll win so far was the daily 1 Dollar tournament on 888 Poker, for which I had a free ticket when I registered. I won the tournament and got a little over 100 Dollars. That was a great feeling.

last year when 888 was doing ther 24/7 prom i take 1st place for $100 Big Smile

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Wow Yout85!!! First out of 7000 is AWESOME! You are a true freeroll giant with that list!
You said it STS5, that feeling is what we really play for, it tastes a lot like self encouragement.
Nice one Jomul, you and STS5 must have played together.
Worship Worship Worship

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