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I just reached a new personal record of losing.

First I was down 80 Buy-ins (sit-n-goes).
I decided to play a Multli-Entry Tournament for fun and won 15 sit-n-go worth Buy-ins Back. (Final Table)

So I was like 'K, let's play some cash-game for a little warm-up'

In total I lost:

4x A-A to other pairs like K-K and Q-Q
1x A-A to a straight
1x A-A to runner runner Flush
1x K-K to Q-Q
1x 10-10 flopped set. raise till all-in. Shows K-K. River is another K
1x 2 Pair to runner runner Flush
2x Straight to runner runner Flush

BUT I won with 8-8 to 9-9 with flopped set, so..

EDIT: Just lost another one with A-10. hit 10. no overcards and no flush or straight draw.
of coruse he exactly the other two 10's...........

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You were down 80 BI? Is this one day? Are you picking up at least 6 AA starting hands in one session? How do you drop 80BI in one day?

It may be hard to hear but it's just variance. Poker's equivelant of sh*t happens.

No 80 BI in the last 2 weeks.

Tournament yesterday.

Today the Cash-Session.

Got The most Cash back by playing sit-n-goes. But still the sickest session I ever played!

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then why dont you play only sit n go's??? If thats the game that give you profit, you should stick to it, dont play cash if you are losing.... that is same with tournaments.... If you are wining player at sit and go's just stick by them Thumbs Up

I know how you feel at times and I looked at my history over the year and I completely suck at Sit n goes, most of my losses come from them with a really crappy ROI. I opted in on poker pro labs a couple weeks ago and unreal how bad I really am....

Now MTT's are my strong point, always have been so come the new year I will be sticking to them once I get my chrome star in January. I usually play CAsh zoom tables to get to this level.
Just like StheP said stick to what makes you profit so this coming year

.50c 360/180 man sit n goes
.10c 360 man sit n goes
and MTTs and knockouts

Goodluck man I really hope things turn around for you, I have never had a bankroll this big in my life online and plan on managing it well, the 6th place finish in an MTT the other night really boosted me!

Hmm maybe tighten up mat and read about dominating hand and so on, that is if you have Ace rag and on the board you have the Ait is most likely the other player will have you dominated with a better kicker, that is why you dont play Ace rags often, as you can get dominated easily remember the time when your AJ got busted by AQ as he has better kicker that is all it is about, and losing on AA sucks you have to deal with it and hope variance treats you ok next!

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