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Here we go again.
Bankrollmob last 2 tables.

Big Blind is a calling station and a maniac.

I raise A-8 3 BB
He calls.

Flop is 8-10-10

I bet pot size.
he goes all-in. I call with a few BBs left.

He shows 10-3 offsuited.
If it wasn't enough river was a 3. I'm out.

Next Hand I just saw this:
2 raisers. Tight player goes all-in.
He calls. Tight player shows A-K suited.
Donk shows K-3 offsuited

Donk hits 3.

Maybe if someone of you played there you saw it.

Sooo.. uuhhhm... when does this 'Long Run' actually happen?


Edited by LebronHEAT (28 December 2014 @ 22:49 GMT)

how about my 10 10 vs AK diamonds both all in with around 15000 chips on sat for 5mio sunday million and on flop 666 turn 7 river 6 .... just closed down pstars.... seen enough for today lol is ... was waiting for good hand for 1 hour.

It's a freeroll. People play rubbish and win all the time you just have to accept it.


...if you are talking the BankrollMob freerolls on PokerStars,...well,...nothing more said... Confused Smile

...been there,...done that dude,....sickening what folks are playing.... Thumbs Down

I am amazed that I actually made the money on the leaderboard a few times over there... Question

What I started to do after I discovered all the multi account cheaters, and the 60 - 80% of whom are facbook parasites,...was to just shove EVERY hand till a big win,...or death... Made about .25c in 6 months just doing that...

Now what I do as a standard regardless of my hand is to bet 420 chips,...then again and then shove...! If you take THEM games seriously,...then may we never meet at a table... Big Smile Thumbs Up

there is some creazy sht going on pokerstars bankrollmob freeroll.... and its a freeroll, so nothing cant suprize you... you should play very agresive... when you got strong hand raise very big preflop... in bigining raise 500 till blinds go 100/200 then raise 6bb preflop till bouble... after bouble just play normal poker Thumbs Up

Hello mate, yes there are a lot of calling stations especially in the early stages of the Bankrollmob freerolls. But to be honest I like it that way. If you play well you can win a lot of chips, but of course you have to be ready to gamble, and sometimes you fail.

A lot of you are playing poker since a long time. There is nothing new about freerolls a very large % of peoples playing freerolls are not poker players and some say its a freeroll like if it was not a poker game.

You dont see that only in BRM freeroll but all freerolls and in every sites i have played.

I used to play the 40seat frenzie on Party Poker freeroll only for Canadian. I have seen in this game same thing donks alll over .

That is the gane of freeroll if you have patience and play a lot of them then you can do good but if you play once in a while forget it. Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

yeah Pokerstars is like a Flipout tournament lol.

I know, I like them donks too. But this Hand was, when only 2 Tables were left. (17 Players exactly)

And I had actually a really good chance to make it to the Top 3. And then something like that happens...

It's a shame poker stars don't do like partypoker n invite only you get people posting the password on pages on Facebook and other sites that's why it's full of leaches 80% arnt even bankroll mob members and the leader board doesn't work properly then

you didnt show to many infos about the hand as : stats , big blind etc , but also i dont think you have to waste all of your chips A8 ? what you can beat ? the answer: almost nothing . and also you dont have to complain about that becouse sometimes you get lucky , sometimes others etc. is normal to happens stuff like this and god bless those kind of people who beleives that 10 3 still can beat aces

Posted by LebronHEAT:
Sooo.. uuhhhm... when does this 'Long Run' actually happen?

It starts now, and ends the day you play your last ever hand.....

Be less results orientated, and think about it more... Basically what you said in opening post is:

"The guy in the BB was terrible, I knew he would call with anything, so I bet with mediocre cards then called all-in with an overpair on the board"

...It just makes no sense.

People would do so much better if they spent the same amount of time analysing their own play as they do for others.

i lose today 3 times with AA preflop and with QQQ after flop .. so is normal to many fish call or go all in with all cards i know i have only 56 % change with AA preflop but i cannot fold with AA when somebody go all in .. with 7-2 or something like this ... i saw somewhere here on forum i think one guy say " GOD pls give me head to fold AA AK KK" or something like this

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