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Hi guys

Lately I started playing a little Cash Games (and I'm actually getting better Cool ). Mainly Rush-Poker now, because of the Promo (which is awesome Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar ).

I notice that some player (really, just a few, but they are there on a regular basis) will just go all-in with some kind of Hands. Like a Bot who is programmed to fold any hand, but go all-in with Q-Q+ and A-K..

I would just like to know what you say should be my calling range against those players?! (who are looser as I described).

For example yesterday I have raised 3xBB with A-Q and this guy shoves as short-stack with A-10. Then I noted him that I should call him with A-J+, 10-10+

Plus right now I had A-K. same, raised 3xBB, get re-raised all-in (not the same player). I call, he shows A-Qo. So I noted 'call with A-Q+ (because they tend to go all-in also with A-J and maybe A-10) and J-J+

Since this is a Cash-Game I call a little bit looser, because I'm happy with ever Hand I am 51% favorite.

But what do you think?

EDIT NOTE: In this particular examples I am talking about 6 Handed Games, because is's Rush-Poker

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Your question is the same question every player asks themselves when playing a fast paced and loose table.
Bottom line is any two cards pre flop can end up being the nuts, these rush games are full of players that will go all in with absolutely nothing in their hand.
The outcome is completely unpredictable
Sure its smarter to play the best cards you can, but it is still a game of chance and bad beats are common in this fast paced low chip stack scenario.
You are forced to play very soon onto the game and that forces you to play cards that you normally would not play, but that's the stressful fun of these type of fast poker isn't it Smile Big Smile

Well I would say that your calling range highly depends on the playing style of your opponents. If he is loose you can gamble more, but against a tighter player I would not call an all in after I raised with AQ, but surely with AK, QQ and maybe even JJ.

You have a lot of threads complaining about donks and loosing 80 buy in in two weeks and all other lost always to donk.

Today you have a thread asking where to find money to pay a small debt which i suppose that some of it was to cover uour lost.

Why dont you take a break from poker if you dont have money to pay your debt playing money you dont have is ridiculous. At your age if you loose your credit you wil not find it to good for your future. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Posted by LebronHEAT:
But what do you think?

I think you shouldn't start a thread every time you open up your laptop.
Thats what I'm thinking.

Yea man Id seriously take a small break from poker, you seem to be chasing your losses and rush poker seems to be paying off a bit and it usually works for me but in the end once you get one or 2 bad beats on it there will be another thread of you complaining. I have hardly played since my big win last week and well first big one I played after a couple days almost ended in another final table. These micro breaks seem to work the best for me and I think you should do so as well man....not cutting you down but just trying to save you some aggravation right now!

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