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hello together i try to post some comments ... my problem is that my english is sooo bad. in my head i translate like i would talk in german and i dont think that this sound good for english people. does somebody knows a good program which translate from german in english with grammatics?

thank you for your help!

I don't know but am sure someone will be along later to help you. (the other half says try google translate)

Please don't worry about your English though, it is quite good, and certainly you make yourself understood.

This does not look bad at all tho man

I am a french Canadian and my english is not very good. But i manage to be understood and i am postin here on a regular basis.

Your post look good to me and i understand waht you are telling.

Sometime i am using google translate for some words and it helping me. Smile Smile Smile

Yes.I have same problem like you.Five years ago,when i start play poker i didnt know word of english.Through poker books,video clips i learn something,but not enough,so for next year my goal is to learn perfect english,than i can understand more easier poker books,strategy of game and others things about poker,because we dont have to much about poker on croatian language

I am also from Germany and I had the same problems like you.
After a while my English was better because of watching English movies and series.

there are many translation programs in the net. Some of them are quite good.

here are three of them:übersetzung

Good luck with these programs!

Isn't english a germanic language too?
From there you should have the finest blueprint you could've gotten. I am not saying that they are the same, but I am pretty sure a german fellow learns easier to speak and write in english than lets say french or italian (I wouldn't even mention my native language - I can assure you do not want to hear my english accent).

I am only saying you just need some time and patience the rest will come soon.

your english is not that bad, compared to some members of this forum, half the time i have no clue what they are trying to say, but i can understand yours no problem. Thumbs Up

I see that this thread is dead for a long time, but after see and read some weeks ago about this subject here on forum, and see some people talk and say that some members don't have a good and comprehensive english, i came here to say them that some members use the google translate, othera go head with the basic that have learn on school, and others a long the way try to improve with our help here, we just want to make part of a family and improve and learn no just the poker skills but also english or other stuff.

Enjoy sun and life, keep playing safe.

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