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i have a question but iam thinking there is no "one" the right answer. im playing poker not so long or not so often. my skill level is beginner and i have the problem that iam not sure what the right way is for me to play. most of the time i make a deposit about 25eur and start playing sng about 2€-5€ 6 or 9 players sometimes double up. often i win all my first games and than comes a time im beginning to lose. than is. do you know any software who would help me to analyse when iam starting to lose or in which situations? how do you play do you make breaks? im not thinking im soooo bad i have just bad timing.

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I think the first thing you should apply to your overall strategy should be a better bankroll management.

According to the books you should play a limit with at least 50 buy-ins (or more), so with 25 euro you should be playing tournaments with lower buy-in than the ones you have mentioned. This a rule that most players (me included!) have troubles following.

From my experience I realized that poker is a game of swings... you win one day and in the next day you lose. So it is always a wiser choice to protect the bankroll.

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Posted by holzkopf13:
im not thinking


Btw, if you think small stake SNG is your game then I would recommend starting with a bigger bankroll which will be enough to cover your downswings better, or if the 25 top-up is your maximum you could afford, then start to think playing micro level - 10-25 cent buy-ins, or playing on short-handed micro cash game tables for a while to grow your roll effectively.
It's slower but a couple bad outcomes won't chew up all of your money immediatly.

If you're just starting out, you need to play a lot, gaining experience. If your deposits are 25 EUR, make sure you get some bonus with that (like full tilt's $100K scramble, getting 5 tickets to a freeroll that has more paid places than players entering, so you're guaranteed a prize just entering).

Like bowie said, find cheaper games, and play a lot of them, until you consistently make a profit at them (really keep track, don't just guess at how well/bad you're doing, this also allows you to find the games you're best at). Party Poker have SNGs starting at $0.10, even though they are raked at 10%, that should not bother you too much yet, while learning the game.

Also play every freeroll you can find (many people say they teach you bad habits, but that is mostly up to you, and the mindset you play them with).

You could even not bother depositing at all, and just play freerolls, and bankroll yourself that way (that's what I did).

First of all I think you might play lower stakes. If you are loosing regularly after some time, this will help you limiting your losses. And this way you can learn the game more cheaply.

Second: You can post your hands here ans see what others think about your decisions.

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