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Today is one of those days why i understand again why i play poker Worship i am on an incredible hot streak right now playing jackpot games & rush at full tilt , i have cashed out a good chunck of my bankroll earlier when i started to go hot so 200$ is already going into my bank account. so i decided to do something i have never done in my life at such stakes and i sat down at a 25/50 cent rush table to see where i would end up. Caught someone bluffing with my pair of tens against his air , called and won a pot and after i won several other pots , now sitting at the rush table with a 230$ while my bi was only 50 Cool i know i got the skills to play these stakes i just never have the bankroll really to do it so now as i already cashed what for me is quite some profit i decided to give it a shot and am really happy with the result sofar , also made a s**t ton of ftps almost at golden status now Tongue i wish everyone a great day and would like to thank everyone on this forum for being around and for reading ofcourse Heart Worship

I am always scared to play that big of a rush style as there are still lots of donks....I am glad to see someone making the money on them and that amount is awesome! Gl man and keep it up, if you start tilting down then get outta there while still ahead!

Big Smile

Word of warning jeffa... don't expect it to last...

I'm not doubting for a second that you have the skills to play those limits - but they are volatile as hell, believe me. Play within you roll, and short term may not be quite so exciting, but long term will definitely be better Smile

Oh hell yeah i know about how big of a biatch it can be yout Smile i play within my roll , i only spend what i can afford to lose so its np Tongue and this was more of a one time thing Tongue not going to make 25/50 my basic grind Blink but thanks for the advice man its highly appreciated Thumbs Up as of how it looks right now i will end my day with about 300 EU in pure profit. Dollar Dollar Worship

Very cool Thumbs Up

I don't know if it's just me getting older, and (I hope) better at poker... but nowadays I'm much more satisfied with a solid session crushing the micros and winning $50 than sitting out of my roll and winning $500 in 5 minutes on a cash table....

It's something that really does need to be drummed in to every budding poker player... Don't be happy (or angry) with the outcome - be happy (or angry) with how you play... and playing outside of your roll, however brilliantly you play there - is a mistake.

Just so you know, I'm not saying this to you because I think you have a problem with it - I just know the temptation to get carried away when things like this happen, and know how important it is that you keep you feet on the ground Smile

Yeah i dont allways follow proper bankroll management but i make sure i dont lose or stake more than i can afford Smile Fairly happy with this win tho even it may be a bit of bad bankroll managing , it helps me to the final bit of money i need for my driverslicense which is quite some expensive joke if you ask me

I by the way find myself highly amused by how bad some of the in my eyes ''higher'' stakes players can play so poorly , like they play their hands in such obvious ways

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I hope that 2015 will bring me success in playing poker, because I was unlucky last year. Wish me luck this year I will see you on the felt.

See you on the tables brother Smile Goodluck

I am happy for you, that things are going very well for you at the moment. But maybe you should not move up the stakes too fast, because every winning streak will end earlier or later in Poker. But if you feel OK about it why not.

I ended up cashing 800$ in 2 days what a good day damn

You had a good run there and you cashed nice. But the limits are high and these
fast games can ruin you in a flash. I hope this wont be the case and you will continue to win.
Good thing you cashed out a portion of it, playing it more form the safe side Smile

Very well done mate, wish i had your skills and the money to play with though i would avoid rush for me as i tend to go ballistic after losing a few buyins and lost my roll several times to this rush/zoom/speed poker variant, nothing much i can do, anyway good luck mate keep up the good work! Saw that you are up to $800 up in 2 days well done, now cashout another portion and continue to play do not burnout and stop when you start running cold!

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