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see what i thought of bankroll from 888.has delivered its confirmation on winning knitted hat worrth of 500dollars .or 10000points its hard to make points from 888 as we all know.but thanks for bankroll mob.a very expensive give for me. Worship Worship Worship now maybe u be the next step who knows ???read and share might be working for a luck .play hard mobsters Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I have to say that i have read your post three times, but i still havent got a clue what you
are talking about Smile
Try to use google translate. From time to time its translations are very successful.
Unless this one is one of them lol

As always when you write a post I have to send it off to GCHQ to get it deciphered and as usual I am told the code cannot be cracked. Smile
You won an 888 beanie hat that is worth $500?That is one hell of an expensive woolly hat but a nice prize.Does it ever get a bit chilly in the Philippines?
I won an 888 pack of playing cards in a tournament last week,anyone know how much they are worth?....... Smile Smile

I must admit, that I have also read this post twice and I still do not get it. Something about an email from 888. But what does this have to do with mob points? And where is that mail? Sorry man, but this way it is useless.

I must say too that I dont understand this what he wrote.

I understand that he got email that he won knitted hat, but not sure how he got that hat is worth 500$ or 10k points

As I saw in 888 poker shop knitted hat is worth 2550 points or 3045 points depends on what hat he won. But that are just points that you are collecting when playing, like VPP in pokerstars.

So I am not really sure how he got to 500$ or 10k points lol.

Less then 10k points are hoodies there.

Wow, that is so pricey knitted hat!
Are you sure it is 100% cotton/wool? Could be made of silk? Tongue

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (06 January 2015 @ 09:32 GMT)

We really hate it when you don't win, cause it's our job to give you the bad news. Anyway, cheer up, we're sure you will win sooner or later!
Please come back later and try again!
Still not yet received the prizes from December
Get to work BRM employees

darn those knitted hats are expensive or what. $500 for a beanie- surely it's a hand knitted one and probably hand knitted by lebron james or cristiano ronaldo.

great win i must admit- i envy you so much, i have always dreamed of a hand knitted beanie from le bron james. you are so lucky.

I think from what i saw from his post is that he won 500 Dollars all thanks to BRM and 888 , maybe a bonus BRM gave and he used it wisely and managed to win on 888 poker anyway that my guess, though his English can be better but who i am to judge as English is also not my main language, anyway congratulations mate keep the good work up and hopefully you will win and make some more money. Cheers mate!

My guess is that he just really-really likes speaking english, knitting hats, hundred dollars and last but not least - BRM.

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