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My problem is that I tryed to register at the Bankrollmob Xmas $500 Freeroll and it says I not invited but a got a ticket
Here is a copy of the email (internal) that I recived :

Date 12/1/2014 9:28:53 PM (GMT)
From BankrollMob
Subject Mob Calendar: Prize claim

This message is just confirm that we have received your claim for the prize that you won in our Mob Calendar.

Prize won: Party Poker Entry to Exclusive $500 Tourney
The Exclusive $500 poker tournament at Party Poker is scheduled on the 11th of January 2015.

Please allow a few weeks for the prize to be issued. Questions regarding claim status will not be answered until after January 15th, so please do not contact BankrollMob Support until then.

Best regards,

I've forwarded your request, we'll see what comes back.

thank you for your help Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Let´s hope that the request comes positive and in time to alow me to join this mobsters only freeroll Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Keep up the good work that alows us to enjoy this great forum
Have a nice a day and sorry for the trouble

Hi mate looks like you have some problems and you posted here and you got a prompt reply from the admin, this shows BRM rocks they are always available and always when there is a problem you can sure it can be solved if they put their hands into it, anyway mate have fun at the tables and good luck in poker hope you get your problem sorted and keep playing the mob games and hope for the best, cheers peace out mate!

All should be good now, but I think you have to register yourself though. You were not added to the invite list due to case-sensitive issue, so maybe you wrote "av" instead of "AV" or vice versa.

Great job Administrator

Just got my register done Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Once again thank you for all your help and for the fast response to my solicitation Worship Worship

Everything work out fine and now it only thing missing is my cashout but that just need to be patiente do to the holidays
Once again thank so much for your help Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

It seems i am not registered on the Xmas tourny even though i got the prize.

When i tried to register i got a message that i am not invited. Can an Admin take a look at it?

We can't do anything now since it's Sunday, our contact person who set this up will not be available until tomorrow. Maybe it's the same problem as av1966 had, example, if you wrote "thebelief" when claiming but it's actually "TheBelief"? Either way, it's too late for us to do something now Sad

No i actually did write TheBelief. I remember going to party poker and checked the spelling. Maybe you can see what i wrote when i claimed the prize.

Can i get a refund in the form of some Mob points instead?

I figured there would have been an email sent on here when the freeroll was for the people that opened all the doors. I do not always check out the forums and now missed my opportunity to play!

ahhh well guess I will have to wait till next year!

xgcsnippy i think you have misunderstood. This is not about the freeroll from the opened doors.
It is for one that you were winning tickets during the calendar event. The freeroll for the
ones that opened the doors will take place at the end of the month.

I won one too, but i didnt get the ticket

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