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Hello mobsters
This post is congratulation post to Brm Worship Worship
Once again Brm delivers the gods so thank you Brm for the great service provided Thumbs Up
Due to the hollidays it took a little bit longer but was speedy enough considering the special time Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

i dont know what kind of congratulation u talking about.but.thanks also for nothing and nothing a continued endless nothing,im facing a no connection right now trying to fix .internet connection that stupis pokerstars again denying a proxy connection????hate this site so much.... Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

congratulation on your cashout... hope you will make another one soon!!!!

Nice man gz on ur cashout Smile

Cheers mate looks like you cashout, so congratulations from me hope you keep up being active on the forum and you can cashout more, working on my 5th one i think and still i managed to lost all previous 4 and have no funds for poker and cannot wait for the new cashout to be done so i can start once again lol, anyway use the funds wisely and you can say you have BRM to thank for getting you on the poker journey, cheers have fun mate!

Congratulations av1966 for managing to get to another cashout.Did you get it cashed to neteller or has it gone to party poker?I have managed to cash out twice to party poker and it has been very quick both times,BRM are pretty good with their cashouts.
good luck and maybe I will be bumping into you at the tables soon. Smile

Cashout to Party Poker
Like I said it was pretty fast request was maid at 20th of December and the payout was today Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
The xtrams hollidays delayed a little but for me was pretty fast Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
About you Supertight can figure out your post Question Question you mix pokerstars with BRM cashout Aww crap!
Maybe my english isn´t good enough to you sorry about that Confused Confused

as many years past there are only few europians knows how to speak english.and using a translator to defind it.specially in any event miss.universe or boxing???etc.dont need to argue with this its not really a problem if u dont know much english aslong as u have skill to perform.and yes by the way av1966 every one here can choose what pokersite they feel comfortable and secure.but i dont say u need to quit yur .

How do you all seem to cash out so much haha well done to you al though I can't seem to get my points higher then 1000 odd n that's took me months most of it came from the xmas doors promotion ah well I will keep building it and hopefully cash out soon Smile

You are right once again Supertight Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
For sure there are more europeans that now out to speak english but does that don´t know will fly over to the Philippines to get a proper education on english
I know some people that have left Cambridge and Oxford and went to Manila Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
And from Manila they get to Boracay
They came on not speaking a better english but with a great tan Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

titch-I have been lucky and cracked the safe twice,$20 and $40,and obviously a few points from the calender but the best way is to just keep posting 5 posts a day,takes a while but you will get there after a few months,quicker if you get the odd 200 points in the calender. Smile

AV1966-Don't forget the Sunday BRM freeroll,now only 5 points buy in. Smile

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