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To open a account on neteller you need to give your bank account?
Iwant to open a account there just to move money from different poker rooms not to take it to my bank account
For example take money from party poker and with that make a deposit somewhere else
Thanks for the help

you can make account without banc account, but if you want to transfer your money you must link it with your credit card... so yup you need bank account...

Its gonna be real hard to make that happen, perhaps you are able to add funds using methods like paysafe cards, i know it works for paypal for example. Otherwise you could consider switching to another banking site.

I had a skrill account and to open it i had to give them ID with picture and all the information about my bank account. Then after the account was open then i could make cash out from a site and deposit to another one without going throught my bank and also keep some cash in my skrill account.
I dont know about neteller bu i suppose you could do the same. Thumbs Up

both are ewallet cards process and cash outs are definitely same,altough promotion and shopping items has its own previleges in a one time creditcard or debit card personal identity,all are used by cc or debit without it u cant make application for ewallet.for me i refer skrill because its a lot of option rewards ,while on netteller a common card that most people used for transfering site from sitepoker and casinos.... Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

Be aware the Netteller is expensive (as is skrill) on party poker (3% withdrawal fee). Also any currency conversion fees may be added to that (another 3 - 5%). So make sure your ewallet and poker accounts all use the same currency.

I recently got the GoPlay credit card, which is free for both withdrawal as well as deposit. There is however a one time fee of $11.50 (if I remember correctly), and a dormancy fee if you don't use it for 2 months (kinda sucks, since it's very likely I'll forget). They did however not charge me the $11.50, so I got it for free it seems. Smile

For Canadians Instadebit seems to be a good option.

Edit: So far I'm pleased with the goplay card, except that they are offline for over a week now (Party has some technical problems at the moment).

i use netteller and have never given my bank account details i got a free netteller mastercard so once i cashout i can youse the card to withdraw cash from excepted bank machine but get a 2pound fifty charge and can allso use card to buy things off most major retailers that except master card gl

Having an e-wallet without the option to cash out ever is not the best way to use them in my opinion. But if you only want to use the cards they are offering then I guess you won't have to give them your real bank account. The problem you will face soon, that depositing with an e-wallet anywhere will makes you able to withdraw your money into only your e-wallet again. And by the time you do this, if you didn't give your valid bank acc or credit card info to them you will hardly able to use that money since you cannot cashout without these. Also they will require pictures of your ID and such.


at the moment i use skrill, former moneybookers, for online payments.

now i am thinking about using neteller also.

I am quite satisfied with skrill, because you can transfer money in a short period of time.

which e-wallet is the better decision? What do you think?

Any answers are welcome!

well i have neteller for quite sometime now
all i had to do is upload an ID
and then you can transfer all the money you want
but pokersites won't let you withdraw to your neteller account unless you made your first-deposit using neteller
so you have to find a way to get some money in neteller

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