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Hey guys, I'm on a pretty serious live upswing at the moment. In the last month I've exceeded $1000 in tournament and cash earnings (pub poker and casino cash games) and I'm seriously considering what I should do with my bankroll ($1200+). I have a few options to reinvest my bankroll.

1) invest all online to play higher stakes ($25NL)
2) keep playing live ($1/$3 at my local) and the occasional tourney ($50 max buy in, usually $22 at a local pub)
3) use money to buy car

I'm seriously considering options 1 and 2, can live players help me out please?

i am no expert
but i have this opinion
why would you change a strategy that is working
i would say keep playing live
online play is very dangerous , and the possibility of losing lot money in seconds ' one click away ' is quite high
while in live you always stay focused and you have the advantage of looking your villain in the eye

but also online is very easy to access , so why not just some of the money to online and the rest keep it when you decide to go to the casino

I agree with Skpmorita here. If something works right for you, there is no need to
seek something new. At least in this section. Keep playing live, it is more fun and
exhilarating than online poker either way Smile Good luck with it.

two mobbits above are right on the fact that you shouldn't stop doing what you are good at- live game is bringing you in serious moola, so deffo don't stop playing live. however if you have spare time and will to make it online as well- i would just set aside say 10% of you roll for online poker and top it up every month with 10% of your live winnings (if needed) and try to rule the online poker world as well.

I am not having an upswing but rather a downswing at the moment. I have played three germans only finals today (TV Total, lets play poker and german high roller), for which I worked hard to qualify. I got quite far in two of them, but not in the money. The last one is still running, but it is not looking that good there either.

My advice to you is this :
Stick with your regular plan because in my opinion when a plan is doing great there no need to change the plan Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
You are cashing in some hard profit so stay with your usual game pan it´s working Dollar Dollar
Like they use to say If ain´t broken no need to fix it Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Don´t forget be happy and enjoy life Cool Cool

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