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PokerStars sports betting coming in Q1 of 2015  -1   
PokerStars announced in November of last year that it would be launching a sports betting product at some stage during 2015.
Last week,Amaya Gaming - parent company of both PokerStars and Full Tilt - announced that sports betting will be rolled out "in the first quarter of 2015", which is ahead of schedule, but only in "certain markets" at first.Other markets will be included off the back of the initial launch, and we can also expect to see web and mobile versions of the product become available later in the year.

For f*cks sake do not copypaste from p.strat u moron.

putting aside dialogs bout copy/paste... this sounds ok with me, placing a quick bet here and there if i find an interesting game, while waiting for some turtle to act. plus as always with more cross products available= more cross promos available, which is not shabby for bonuswhores.

Posted by pochui:
putting aside dialogs bout copy/paste...

Yeah, I am not in here to preach about it - I am not a mod here, yet if somebody doing nothing but that then we should at least try to talk some sense into him especially if he is copying text from a rival affiliate.

Well for the moment I´m so p*** with pokerstars that I don´t think I will ever put more money over there Aww crap! Aww crap!
Its amazing the amount of bad beats that this poker site has given to me Aww crap! Aww crap!
I know that thats normal in poker but I play at other places and the amount is not so high Disagree Disagree
Maybe because they are the biggest they get more kamikaze players Aww crap! Aww crap!
Will take a breack from PS just freerolls and in crazy mode Evil Evil

Since they put casino games there was no doubt that they will add more games also.
They want money and like everyone they want even more money.
The linking tough with all these games may have bad results for poker players,
blowing their bankrolls.

if you dont wantcasino games and in future those betting games, you can remove it forever from pokerstars client, so you will never see them again Blink

sports betting really ?
it is a shame
since the new owners come in , they have changed everything
i am sure in the future , we will have slots and bingo
now their main goal is to win money , not to satisfy their players

The most good poker site, and large on players, have to go with the tendencies, allmost every room have poker, betting, casino, bingo, and some stuffs more, the large poker room have to go a head and make something to, for the players and for her safe.
For me is nothing, because i just poker, bingo, casino or beting, is like gambling, there no strategie envolve and no mind game too, so if they open in this year, for some player will be good, others ok, and for a large percentage will be like nothing, because he still play poker, like he do a long time.

I think the rake will increase as well, sports betting is all that players are increasingly making deposits

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