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As the title sais this is kind of weird to post on this forum but there are also a lot of weird people on this world
I have one wuestion: does anyone here have a long distance relationship?
If yes can i have some advice on how to get over this easier

My wife leaves the country at the end of the month for an undefinite period of time and damn it will be hard.
Any suggestions? Worship Worship Worship Worship

Just don't let her go Sad


...Left hand backwards for a little variety...! Big Smile Thumbs Up

Posted by teddybears73:
Just don't let her go Sad

I wish it was that easy, but it ain't
She's leaving to UK over 2000 Km away Sad

Posted by demodawggy:

...Left hand backwards for a little variety...! Big Smile Thumbs Up

I am trying different tactics Smile)

i would suggest: Houdini Locking Steel Cock Chastity, Pig Tail Butt Plug Butt Plug, Rubber Gates of Hell, Hooded Spandex Full Body Binder Sack, Area 51 Love Doll, The Hot Seat Inflatable Cushion Vibe, Rubber Fisting Mitten, The Tongue Vibrator, I Rub My Duckie Massager, Electro-Sex Glove Set, Kaylani's Foot Fetish, The Pleasure Periscope, Kochi the Anime Doll, Dildo Gas Mask, Stuffoscope and my fav- Mr. Jack With Mustache...

Hi man, for what reason is your wife leaving? Or maybe I should better ask, if she is leaving YOU or just the country to find a new job or something like that? If its the second, then dont worry, she will come back to you one day.

Make her not forget she's "the one", let her feel it as often as possible, even if this will be hard over distance.
I can imagine your fears, but if your and her love is strong enough you will make it, even through "indefinite period".
Having skype will be invaluable, skype as often as you can, even if it's not the same as being with each other, it has something more "personal" than just phoning.
I imagine she's leaving to find work? Then she will be able to come over again sooner or later, even if it's just for a long holiday, just don't lose touch.

Keep your head up and I wish you and your wife the very best Smile

Hey man i know the feeling, how long will she be gone for? Sad keep on going and everything will be fine in the end

idont even know why why i opened this post
she is leaving for work
thanks for your answers


FU pochui Smile)

Why not go with her or is that not possible?She should take the opportunity while she can as things will probably be changing for the worse for immigrants to the UK after the next election which is in May.
If you have a good relationship you will find ways to keep it going.Flights between the UK and Romania can be found for under £50 and I am sure there are other ways far cheaper.
I have a friend from Lithuania who left her fiance to come here for a 3 month temporary job but that turned into a full time job and he came over a while after and they now have 2 girls,both born here and are getting married in the summer so it can definitely work. Smile

i know that feeling
when your loved one is going away even if it is for normal reasons
it is still feel that you gonna miss them and they maybe leaving you
hope you feel better
with our technology today , long distance relationships are much better
i am sure you will talk to her everyday

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