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Watch out guys... Be careful with your money, this might be the shittiest of pokersites EVER...

Hrdly any people on there... You sit and wait 10 minutes for enough players to play AT A CASH TABLE!!!!

They use a weird chip system, instead of regular money...

And when you realize how shitty that place is, good luck waiting for your check. They don't refund to creditcards...

Yep. I tested duplicate poker too and i hated it. their game system sucks..

Some people should start to think before writing something down. Because you cannot understand system and suck at it, doesn't mean, that the whole site sucks.

It is different than normal poker. You win when you generate more profit/less loss, with same cards that someone else has in another table.

I can ensure you, that this site is legit, I won pokernews cup satellite through it and went to Australia.

True, cashout is littlebit slow, but i got my cheque for 1,5k $ in 1 month.

Actually this offer has nothing to do with the poker we all know. Key to duplicate poker seems to be to guess how the donks will butcher your dealt hand at the other tables and act acordingly.

And if the other tables play looser than yours be ready for a rollercoaster ride.

I got $2 free and than won 2 $2 sit and gos and was at like $16. I think at $20 you can cash out.

I seen a lot of commercials for duplicate, surpised to see them on the tv..I don't like playing there.

I would like to try Duplicate poker just to see what it is all about, - but with all these negative responses I think I will stick to Stars Big Smile

I played on that site i didnt undertstand anything of the game but i won my free cash up to 50$ and i cashed them out into a check..

I still have it home...I dont have time to take out the money...

But they are fast with theier payout i must say! Big Smile

Hi there,

I have only tryed the $3 free and for sure I like the normal kind of poker much better! However this concept might be an easy way of winning som cash because of all the free cash the give away. Cool

Honestly who would like a poker room taking month to approve your cash out request? Thumbs Down

i hate it. its not like poker at all. i was folding muck hands and still losing money. what a joke Thumbs Down

I think its very amuzing game. It takes a whole lot of thinking i have cashed out twice with on my no deposit money. I started playing there way before bankrollmob gave the offer..
If you learn the game and master it you can make a few bucks there with all people jumping in with their 3 no deposit bonus not knowing the game or rules
Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Tongue Tongue

Ya, it kind of sucks. I totally got my ass kicked one game but I still won cause the other guy got his ass kicked harder lol. Than the next game I was totally owning but didn't win..

Anyone know if you can check to see how many chips your opponent has on the other table cause I'm not sure if I'm ahead or behind?

give the check to me cunten rofl lol tat would be cool. i dunno duplicate poker seems like a half decent idea not bad not super great

Posted by Calmplay:
Honestly who would like a poker room taking month to approve your cash out request? Thumbs Down

I think it is much faster in US, it takes time for a check to arrive from US to Estonia and it also takes time for a money to arrive from some sort of a Israelian bank.

I have tried it, and it wasnt horrible, it is really slow though - waiting for people to play with, then if the people atother tables play slowly you have to wait during the game as well - for whoever asked if you can see how many chips your "duplicate" opponent has, you cannot - they will show in the bottom right (or left I can;t remember) your ranking for the last hand(if its a tourney) if in a cash game you see in the bottom left at the end of each hand how you stacke dup against your "duplicate" - I have got up to about $60 so far with my free $3 - but I hardly play there anymore - just too slow...

good luck on the felts


Ya, I just played a little again and it totally sucked. I was playing good and still lost and than went all in every hand cause I didn't want to play it anymore.

It would be better if it was fixed limit.

Hmm, you need to learn the system on Duplicated Poker.

I registered too and i got the $3 free no-deposit bonus, in 1 day i made my $3 into a nice profit to $52,50 after winning 2 tournaments.

Even when you play many tournaments & sit 'n go's you earn points for the day/week/month/year leaderboards.

When you're high enough and make many points you can get a nice bonus of $30 every day!

So don't say it doesn't work, you need to learn to play with it.
Ofcourse sometimes it sucks when it's negative for you, but sometimes you win much money with playing no hand!

Greetz Lars

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