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The Excitement Of Casino Games, A Little Downswing, And More  0   
Interesting article. Smile
But I still think that gambling is dangerous for little money players like me. If you have enough money, you can do whatever you want with it. But in my opinion, gambling is just couple of luck.
Sportsbetting, and poker are other things, because there is some experience, professional gaming in them. Some experts, can make money these two, but gambling had so much risk. Smile
Keep going, wish you many luck in the future! Smile

I think if you are still enjoying playing slots and you can afford to lose what you play there isn't a problem and you sound like you still get the thrill from gambling without any unrealistic expectations.No one likes losing and it is great to win......the problems come when you HAVE to win.
Always a good blog to about playing some poker for a change! Smile

cheers mate yeah casino games are a bit addictive sometimes and you can just not stop playing. I know about it was addicted about them a few years back but loss money and then finally one day i stop and no more games, no more casinos, i gone to things i think i can get an edge on! Like poker or sports betting, anyway i think i could get an edge on it, but loses , so hopefully have fun and continue to make money and play those games if it is working!

Theres people on every forum that only gove negitive feedback and have nothing positive to say about anything. Weve got them, no biggie ignore and keep writing there are people here that enjoy the read.

trust me the thrill is awesome
i was addicted to roulette
and when the ball lands on your number
and bam your number is paid 35 to 1
i used to make runs and get to 300$ starting from 10$
but the dream ended when i took it too far

i regret losing the money , but will never regret the thrill and excitement while playing

i do not like casino games i have a lot of addicted friends wich cant stopping this kind of games. for sure u can win a lot in a few minutes but you cant controll it. it is not a skill game like poker. we all can tell one story where we won a lot but nobody is telling you how much he is losing.

Yea I love roulette and love choosing multiple numbers and in groups and double and triple stacking on some areas. The thrill when you hit the 35 to 1 and then all your chips on every corner and forget what the odd are or the payouts but say betting 10 dollars total and walking away with 100-200 bucks one ball drop feels amazing. I also like keno on the video lottery terminals all over Canada, they are awesome and I always seem to hit some drinking money every time I play them!

Just imagine the 90-minute (plus extra time) thrill with so much money on the line!

your friend is never going to be the same again (: Tongue

i also often place multiple (mostly football) bets and its more often than not how you fail to get that last one right, so you just get used to it and shrug it off. Not sure if that would work with 1,3 million though :/

In my opinion, one of the best sensations we can try as human beings is that feeling of expectation we have between the moment we play one game and the time we know the result. We can end happy, sad, frustrated or with the will to try again, depending on the case, but it's wonderful how mind behaves in that time. In a casino game, it last for short seconds (the time the wheels go round) although lots of short seconds in a row. In a contest, for example, it lasts from the moment we enter the competition until the day the results are known. Some take this feeling as their way of living, until they die. It can be hilarious to make all of those thoughts about "what would i do with such prize?" while the result isn't known. Life is great, live well!

I've been getting quite a few table bonuses on the party poker daily scratchcard promo and had quite a few tries on the roulette but never really got anywhere and to be honest it doesn't really do anything for m. Smile

Gambling is definitely dangerous. If you feel, that you might have a gambling addiction you should just stay away from any real gambling format like roullette and other casino games. But from my point of view Poker is less dangerous.

StSS thats not how it really works though. If everyone with gambling problem could just say "ok ive got a problem im gonna stop gambling now"... Tongue

and yes, poker is different but not so much for uninformed people though, as many still see it as pure gambling and put it in same casket with casino games which is ridiculous really.

I am no longer going to preach, I guess you are happy the way you are operating so nothing that I can add for this except if you are liking these muggy accas on soccer (rule no1 - you don't take heavy home favourites on cup games ever) then try hedge them sometimes, so at least you will end up in the green if the last ones aren't coming through.

BankrollMob Forum » News » The Excitement Of Casino Games, A Little Downswing, And More

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