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I won 5$ ticket for slots on PP (I wish it would be rather ticket for sluts), I never played it and theres sh1tload of those games. So I want to ask you guys, which slot game is da best, where I will win like million with those 5$?

last time they gave me $5.00 free to play on slot's , i used it to play video poker , J's or better, and turned the $5.00 into around $80.00, so you might want to give that a try. good luck Thumbs Up

There is quite a few decent slots at party,I have had some big wins playing cubis,another is treasure chest where I got the top bonus and got close to $200 for a 20c spin.I think the kiss game is fun if you play the full lines and get the bonus.
What I have found on party slots is I do better when I move slots every time I get a decent win and if the game looks tight then leave ASAP. Smile

well aloha there weenie, to be honest i don't think earning a free fiver is a bad thing, even if you earn a free fiver to try out a new flavor of bullsh1t- if it's free it's... free Confused
now on the upside (comparing to trying out bullsh1t) you have a chance of winning some moola from this free fiver with no risk of losing anything... not such a bad proposal imho

You better look very good at the requirement to clear the bonus before you play.

I also won a few like this and i opt out on all. You have tho bet a lot of noney in order to clear it.
If you are not sure just contact customers service and they will tell you exactly how its work. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

I chose that treasure something. And PP already has their 5$ back, so everything is just fine. Thumbs Up

You should check the payouts and if possible playing with play money to see test the slot before
playing with real money. Some of them unless hitting a jackpot or combo with a big payout,
dont worth playing. For example, never play a game, when the four of a kind pays less than
your bet.

If they have a Terminator2 video slot then try it the next time you get some of this free 'moola' from them. That sh1t have some great features, it has a free spins hot mode where you could have feature win by every free spin of yours - it's not easy to trigger 'cuz it's rare as sh1t, but once it happens... Big Smile
Always remember - other than 4 free money forget slots, because all of them are -EV.

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