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Help Witdrawal Duck Poker!  0   

I need some help.

I have earn like $60 with using mi the $5 no deposit bonus from bankrollmob.

If i deposit some money at Duck Poker..I can withdraw my earnings?

Ex. If I deposit $5 with Skrill; I'll be able to cashout $50??

I'll aprecciate your help, i'm a new player!!



In total I have withdrawn 280 dollar from Duckpoker, it always takes a week or something, but I got it. But to be honest, I have a bad feeling about duck now, as they are changing rules and the number of players is dropping and dropping. So, if you want to cash out, I would act fast!

And be honest, if it fails, you lost 5 bucks. It is worth the risk of winning 10x that amount!

Good luck with it!

Thanks for taking your time and answer!

Ill take the risk making a $5 deposit!

You are welcome and let us know whether you succeeded Big Smile

Did you earn some money from freerolls, DuckPoker have special rule for that.

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No shomy_btc.

I won a 100 Gtd and a 50 Gtd... Smile

Cool than, you can withdraw all money. Thumbs Up

I hope you dont have any freeroll winnings in that sum of yours.
Cause from what i have seen here from other members, they require a play through,
for all the freeroll winnings. So that will be a very fast reason refusing your cash out.
I hope this is not the case. Then it does worth of course making the deposit and try to
cash out. Good luck with it.

Duckpoker is like that strange cousin nobody likes yet they keep inviting him on family gatherings and birthdays. He's got no goals and no achievements in life, pretty much just lurk around in the background on photos and one day he just gone and you are finding out that half of your relatives been cheated out of their life savings/retirement funds by him 'cuz secretly everyone wanted to help him 'making it big' but he was just a lowlife con artist and you were absolutely right to ignore him.

Wow, so now, I guess $100 donation (technically I got robbed) from me didn't contribute enough to extend the life of that poor creature indefinitely.
That's what happens when you (even try to) mess with wrong group of people.
You sure will be greatly missed.

My post above was inadvertently misplaced.
Please ignore it.

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there is no harm for taking up points .only thing we should worried is stopping us from paying .but i never saw players complain for not paying cash outs on duck poke, traffic is low long starting to make bracket to acr to maintain site,dont lose hope on duck as they kept their words to pay you..

Thanks all for your replies.

As soon i have money in my Skrill account ill deposit and tell u what happened.

Hi everybody..

I deposit $5 through Neteller.. but Ii coulnd't withdraw any money.

They ask me to make 100 Club Points to withdraw. Fucking Duckpoker, they dont ask u so many things when u deposit.

Anyway.. I`ll try to make the 100 Points, I hope they don`t make any trick to avoid me withdraw my winnings

I made withdraw of $23 at skrill 6 days before but I didn't receave money yet. Earlier I made two bigger withdrawals and money arrived after 3 days.

You didnt ask before the deposit about restrictions and play through?
I dont know about their points scheme but with a total of 65$ in your account if you continue
playing like you did Smile you will get the necessary points and still have money to cash out Smile
Good luck with it.

Yes you must earn 100 points becuse you took 5 dollars as no deposit bonus. I made points before my the first withdraw, too.


They say they give u 6 points every $1 of rake.

If i play $1,5 + $0,12 sit&go... y that $0,12 are rake no?

Yup, it's $0.12 is a rake.

So i.have to play hard Big Smile

100 points you can do in one month, if you play that sits or maybe that tornaments that you refeer, but you have to play like every day, and it would be hard and maybe you will lose some, but when you have the 100 points, cashout and leave that room, because you will not get more money or thing from there.
I talk for me, i get some cash winning and make good places on various tourneys, but when i saw that is in freerolls and i have to do points, i ask the support how many is enought to cashout and say to my almost 400 points, so a start to try to play, but in that room, with no players, is hard to try make points, so after like a month i decided, to blow the bankroll to someone that was been regular playing with me in some tourneys, and after that i unninstall tha room, and try to make money in another better room.
But you know what want to do, this is my opinion.

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