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Hello guys

In live poker the deck is shuffled at the beginning and so the cards that are drawn off are predetermined from that point. Is that the same in online poker or is the deck shuffled so to speak before each card is drawn or does anyone know ?

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Kinda wonderd myself....say if i have pocket 9s and fold preflop, and 9 comes on flop, would it have if i was in hand or would the deck be shuffled agin for a differnt result?

Im sure ppl are gonna say the same flop is gonna come regardless whos in the hand but do we really no? Is there a way to find out if the flop is predetermined once cards are dealt?

There was this video a while ago how a deck was shuffled online , it was somewheere on this forum at news section i think


It's random but it's not like real life where we pick the cards in order and burn some. Like the guy says in that video, the RNG picks a number between 1 and 52. Difference is that in real life you can't deal card #36 because it's in the middle of the deck so we deal from the top of the deck. Online it's still random but the card can actually come out from under the deck. Atleast that's how I visualize it but I could be wrong. Each card is assigned a number (thats their version of shuffling), and each card has same odds of coming out (about 1.9% or so). But the order in which they're gonna come out isn't predetermined like in live po ker.

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On all major sites other than PokerStars, each card is randomised as it gets dealt... so if you fold 99 and a 9 flops, it likely wouldn't have done if you had called.... PokerStars uses an entirely different randomiser... The entire hand is randomised before being dealt, so will play out just like a live hand. Whatever comes on the flop, was always going to be the flop regardless of what you do.

The important thing to remember is IT DOESN'T MATTER. The odds are unaffected... a good or bad decision is still a good or bad decision whatever the outcome.

Posted by yout85:
..The important thing to remember is IT DOESN'T MATTER. The odds are unaffected... a good or bad decision is still a good or bad decision whatever the outcome.

This is true. Cards in the deck is like Schrodinger's cat.
You can't know their state until they're dealt and all possibilities are possible proportional to the odds.

If you have 9 outs to draw your flush on the river it's still 9/46 (and it's only 20% or 2 times out of 10) and you never count even your opponent's cards because you don't know what they hold.

Random distribution is certainly not bad ... But sometimes the impression that this is not true. Sometimes an opponent's cards come precisely the buyout he needs. And it happens quite often. I certainly do not believe that I was cheating, but sometimes it's like paranoia.
Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

it's unimportant. Random cards are random cards.

Posted by zeroster:
it's unimportant. Random are random cards.

That is true but it is still good to know the flops coming regardless and is not determined by whos in the pot.

No matter what the situation is, even if all online poker sites are using the same method or not,
it is a take it, or leave it deal Smile If you start thinking of such details, then you can go way further
and end up in the well know question, that has sparked many flames here Smile

Online poker uses random number generator kind of system which essentially makes it technologically different to playing with a pack of cards in front of you, but the overall principle is about the same...... The shuffle is the randomness that you need.

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