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wooohoooooo after the birth of my son today 13 min after 6 pm,.

all day i didn't open the calender but i just opend one and hit the 200 mobpoint

so after 4 weeks finally


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congrats on both of your wins today. hope you and your wife are very happy parents now. Thumbs Up Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

Congrats on both of your victories today! Maybe your son is your lucky charm Smile

Congratulations on your calender win,if you open the calender doors 5 times a day, every day,you usually get at least one win in the month and I would rather it be mob points than mob draw tickets.
They quickly add up if you post daily Smile

Congrats my friend Worship Worship

Winning 200 mobpoints at the calender is great Thumbs Up Thumbs Up mob points are my favorite win at the calender always better over mob draw tickets (because got lots of those but never won nothing at the draw)

But your great win is your new born child Worship Worship that´s a life long prize ,there will be ups and there will be downs ,but a son is a never ending win Worship Worship

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

Congratulations man for winning 200 mob points in the calender. I had also won 200 some weeks ago I think. But what is even more important is the birth of your child. Is it your first baby? If so then good luck.

Congratulations first for the litle win here, 200 mobpoints is a good thing, small but is a start.
And congratulations for your biggest win, a child, like above said, is a win for a life, and yes ther will be good times and bad times, but there will be allways happines in your house to celabrate.
Keep going up, and do other child Big Smile Cool
Just a joke Big Smile

Enjoy the sun and life, keep playing safe.

thank you very much my dear friends,

yesterday and today i didn't play poker.

next day of the birth of my son at home ,there came a complication ,
he got a some kind of infection that some baby's can get ,
he is now for at least 7 day's in hospital for antibiotix.
my head is not by poker now and go a lot to the hospital and clear my head a bit to do nothing.

i hope that giovanny is strong to survive the infection .

i let you know how it goes

greets raymond

Wow well done mate those are the wins that make life good to live for, very happy for you also someday you feel like everything is falling in place hopefully it was one of many more to come, i remember one day got the safe, found real money on the ground, passed my exam and so on, all that just in one day and this makes you happy as you know God can be good , anyway have fun at the tables and win some money!

Woho I just won 500 mob points o the calendar!
My first ever win, I'm very happy now Big Smile

Posted by mhj07:
Woho I just won 500 mob points o the calendar!
My first ever win, I'm very happy now Big Smile

congrats to your winning good luck for the next winning Blink

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