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Been playing with this today, and im impressed.
Im liking the hud but am not using it to my advantage yet(still getting used to it), but hopefully will do soon.
Intresting to see my big loses are from AK suited in late position, yes i raise good etc, gonna have to look over this.
KK is my current big money maker making a set 4 in 10 Worship
Love all the info it provides, just gotta interpret it now, and dont know were to start lol.
Any hints or advice welcome, gonna start by going over my loses(big) to see what i did wrong or how to save money on these sort of hands.

what is PT3 and how do u know which hands win/lose etc...?

please i need 2 know where im going wrong only maken like $1000 a week could do with some more Smile

i hate those things i find that those thing cheat and dont let you think anymore of your own bet you let the computer do all the work for you god wheres poker going to these days

How much did you pay for it or did you get it free with a deposit or something?

I got to get myself a program. I got Poker Office for free but the keys got blacklisted lol.

pokertracker 3 DJ
Using a trial at the moment, see if its worth its money. so far so good Thumbs Up

neviu, I was never in to this sort of thing and seen it as a cheat but its not, it mainly keeps track of your play, something you could do youself, like ppl do at real tables with dictaphones etc.
OK, the hud gives you info but you still gotta know how to use it, and agin its something you could do anyway(with a fair bit of time and comp knolage) the hud for me is a varication, sometimes i make calls when i know i shouldent, the hud tells me im right to fold etc.

I dont use pokesoftware yet, maybe i should.
I never tried so dont know if it make my game better.
But i think many people use this software so it must be good Smile

But tracker/office is not always usefull for sng's right? Correct me if i'm wrong...

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