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Skill league problem  0   
Last month in the open skill league i finished 857th. for the month. The top 500 have a ticket for the premier skill league.

Today i went to see my outstanding tickets and to my surprise i have one for the premier league which i should not have.

So i went to open my mail to write PSO but cant enter my mail provider have a server problem.

Very good day of surprise. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

If you got ticket, than why complain... just use it Blink I will start playing this scool league, to see what is all about Big Smile

Yes like StheP said, just use the ticket Big Smile What's the worst that could happen if you got the ticket by a mistake and they found out somehow (very unlikely I would think)?

The problem is that i dont want to play the premier league.

With a bit more of 20VPP last month and a lot of reg. on this league it would be very difficult to make it ITM and win $2.00 for the month.

In the open league with just a bit of luck i will make top 500 for $5.00 and eith more luck i could make more Dollar Dollar Dollar

And if i am listed in premier i cant be on open leaderboard this is why i wnt to cancel this ticket that was given to me by mistake. Smile Smile Smile

Are u saying u cant play the pokerschool league if u accept the premier league offer?

thats not can play open skill and premier leage at the same i dont understand your problem. Just play both leagues and try take something from Premier...its better then Open...

Yes i can play open and premier but if i am in premier my points earned in open are not going in the leaderboard. Here is a copy of the rules.

Notes: Even though the tournaments are open to anyone in the client, only tournament results for players that are already school members will be scored for the leaderboard. School members who are eligible to play in the Premier League are not prevented from playing in the Open League Tournaments, but their results will not be scored for the Open League Leaderboard.

thats bummer... So why dont you try to play in premier... I see money is better there... Today I started playing open league to see what is all about and got kicked out somewhere around 4000 place :S I dont know what is prize money for leaderboard, hope Ill find it somewhere, and it looks interesting... Ill give it a try this month, and try to be in top 500 on that leaderboard Big Smile

Lol at least you won if you won something then it is most likely not an error and you should keep it maybe you were drunk on that day and you did won something but you forgot and so on lol, but i think you should keep it though congratulations on being honest and so on! Anyway good luck have fun at the table and keep making money and also have a good day, me resting after some poker grinding and back to work tomorrow!

But you can play that ticket/tournament like a freeroll, enter play, and if you get ITM, nice for you, if not, isnt the end of the world, keep playing the school league for the month and get points there.
Maybe its a mistake, but with the latest updates in the room, maybe is the answer to this question, but you hit the ticket, use.

Enjoy the sun and life, keep playing safe.

I just received an answer fro PSO today and i played the open league yesterday for nothing copy of answer enclose.

Greetings from P***************e!

Please note that even though you finished last month in a lower, non -qualifying position in our ranking, you were still eligible to receive the Premier League ticket. This is due to the fact that some members who finished higher in the ranking did not fulfill the requirements to get the ticket. Such tickets were forfeited and passed on to players lower in the ranking.

Please note that once you have qualified to participate in the Premier Skill League it is not possible to opt out in favour of participating in the Open Skill League. This restriction is in place because the Premier Skill League has been designed to have exactly 1,500 players participating. If players were allowed to opt out of participation this would mean that the League would fall below the 1,500 required participants.

Those players who manage to qualify will have their accounts credited with a ticket that allows them to participate in the current month's Premier League. As it is not possible to opt out of participation it is also not possible for us to cancel the ticket. The ticket is already set to expire at the end of the month.

Players that qualified to play in the Premier League may continue to play in Open League tourneys but their results will not appear in the Open League leaderboard.

The Premier League has a total of $30,000 in prizes each month awarded to the top 500 players and is capped at 1,500 participants (1 in 3 receives a prize!). This offers a much greater chance to receive a prize compared to the Open League, which has a total of $11,800 in prizes each month awarded to the top 2,000 players without any cap on the number of participants.

Should there be any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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