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Hi everyone thanks for reading this tread, at friday night i have buy in into a 0.25 cent sit and go tournament into the Pokerstars software.

Great news ! My luck have turned i am super proud to have finish my first 45 players tourney in the top of the line Smile

After my combat with very skillized player and professional attemps vs me i have end the tourney 1 VS 1 but with a high and deep stack Smile

No luck for my opposent i have play safe until my raise.

You can see the short video of my winning here.

And thanks guys good luck to you at the table

Dont forget to comment about my playing or my way to win all comments are welcome

Play with honor play with your heart.

PR Cool Worship

Edited by pacificrim (08 March 2015 @ 22:27 GMT)

Congratz dude on the 1st place. Great start for you and I hope nothing but the best on your journey.


congratulation on your win...but I have to say that you played heads up preaty bad... a lot of limping, and when you got 10:1 stack, when your oponent shove its preaty easy call with almost any 2 cards... You should be a lot more agresive than this, in this type of situation...

Thanks for you support Smile Worship

Oh Smile Thanks for your comment mate. I am sorry i dont share your opinion because i okay using a low methodyou mean AGRESSIVE ? i like to play smooth and wait for people who bluff to fire like a dragon.

No need to rush to get the 1st place. Is my way to think

Each time i have been so aggresive i lost and this time i have take this cool and i win.

But thanks for your comment


Edited by pacificrim (09 March 2015 @ 00:09 GMT)

I am just saying if you play like this in more than 50% you will lose... and evryone here will agree with me that you played preaty bad... No offence, I am just saying that you should learn a little bit more Blink before when I was playing 0,25 sit n go, but 90 man, I finish 1st in 1 of 4 or 5 belive me when I say you should be more agessive Blink

I dont feel ofenced is okey i just mean i have play safe because beleive me into Pokerstars 2% can be the death and only 5 hand and my opponent can push me out.

When i amat the final tablei walsy play likethis but thanks forcomment i take careof it.


WTG! always feels great to win a trny, even to get to final tables is an accomplishment,
hardest part is figuring out what kind of tournaments u should join at higher stakes!
kick some butt!

the pros are actually not playing as aggresive as they use too, it goes back and forth from year to year.
cant get stuck on being agresive all the time, but in head to head, if u r bigstack, surely u got to raise more, and steal blinds more often.

truly it was amazing performance from ive suffer a ridiculous software pokerstars 7 connection ,taking it so slow to register to a tourney with lot of disconnection ,its not my internet perhaps its the software i think...

Worship Yes you right. The video stress effect have also play on my mind i have play very low to make sure to win and play with my opponent by respecting is game.

@Supertight same thing here the problemare not fromyour internet the problem is to the server to syncronise all players in the same time something some user are too high in ping so thats mean the server cant not syncronise. This factor pokerstars can do nothing because is an internal error not based on the pokerstars malte base.


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