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Hi all,
Someone could be nice to please send me some bucks on Fulltilt ?
I just go broke and hit bad beat on bad beat but i know thats poker.
Thats why I need you to help me to rebuild a bk.
TY in advance

mimoAS on Fulltilt

1) Your subject is very bad - learn to write a subject that explains what your post is about, "HELP ME" might as well mean that you're stranded on a desserted island and you just got 5 seconds of time to be online and ask for help -- or that you don't know how to cook eggs...

2) Our rules doesn't allow for users to post contact information here, so I don't know how you intend on re-paying the user who might transfer some bucks to you.

3) We don't work as an escrow service, so if anybody transfers money to jc2912 and he doesn't transfer back, then it's your own fault - we don't take responsibility Smile

I can give you some playmoney Blink

I just won the WSOP main event, but it is ok, I will send you 5 bucks

no woriies i give you a miliion your dreams. Big Smile

Go get a JOB !!!!!

Have you ever heard about the expression(probably misspelled) Dont play with money you cant afford to loose.
Here is some advise to make you som gambling money
2.Sell Blood
3.Sell sperm Kind of heard if your a girl tough
4.Stand on your local square and sing. If you cant sing use the good old "I'll stop singing for a Buck"sign
5.Take your CPU down to your local pawn shop. That usually gets you some cash. Kind of heard playing online after that. But what the hell you get some cash

Good Luck
Cool Big Smile Tongue Aww crap!

I post this thread just in case a personn would be nice to send me some bucks no more !!

If you send me 10$ I'll send you 5$ that's about the best deal you'll get out of me. Come on jc2912 the game is about taking your opponents money so do you really think people try to win all day and then just give the money to you?? Wake up ! !

What? 10 bucks for 5??? Greeeedy, greeedy, greeedy.

Has jazzyboy won your whole bankroll in your heads up match so you have to rebuild it this way? Big Smile

Nah he never showed up and now he's banned I think Confused

Im sure jc2912 will accept your money if you are not greedy Tongue

Posted by M3turbo:
Im sure jc2912 will accept your money if you are not greedy Tongue

Maybe. But i would charge him 15 bucks for 5 bucks. Big Smile

(Did i ever mention that i am not greedy, i am extremly greedy.)

P.S. Free jazzyboy Blink

I'm not banned and think you are mad ...

I will accept the money of anybody and will make my possible to pay back faster

Hahaha shokaku pushing the limit Smile
I never understood those people begging for money in poker forum/chat. Imo it's kind of the wrong place to beg, everyone is trying/fighting to win money for them selves, family or just building bankroll and most players work hard for their winnings. In Poker the jungle law rules, only the strongest will survive and no one cares if you don't Cool

Posted by jc2912:
I post this thread just in case a personn would be nice to send me some bucks no more !!

That's obvious. But why can't You accept that this is a poker
forum and not a welfare site. How many of the 50000 Bankrollmob
members do You think could post a thread like this.

But instead of just posting a "sorry" You go calling others mad in here.
Hey - Wake Up.

Learn about bankroll management.
And if You can't afford to deposit then You can't afford to play poker. PERIOD.
Ever heard the term "responsible gambling" ?

Just accept that begging for money is bad netiquette and stop it.

The place to borrow money is Your local bank and not a forum.

Edited by kraemer (20 August 2008 @ 17:18 GMT)

You bring shame to yourself, this is no diffrent than the man who sits in the doorways of closed shops with a sine sayig "spare any change" both of you will p-it up the wall.
But still made me smile, I sometimes think ppl post strange jokes like this.
Better luck next time.

Hey mate nice try. But it seems like you hit the "NO button" Aww crap!

Good luck

i see posts like this every now and then. Are you people for real? I hardly doubt anyonme is stupid enough. Thats the same as whem im at a final table playing and observers ask you for

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