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Like the other weeks here are the results for today's freeroll.

I did not make ITM this week i was trapped and felt into. I was in late position with A J on player before raised 2BB i just called and flop came Ad Kd 4d i risk and bet the pot and got reraised and i shove Turn Qs and river Jd and the other player had A A and i was out. Big Smile Big Smile
Congratulations to the winners.

Edited by pinotte (22 March 2015 @ 22:26 GMT)

Bad luck pinotte, I came 7th, found the game and gave it a try , good game. not to many players

Thanks to Pinotte for once again taking the time to post the result,always good to see who did well in the tournament. Smile
Good to see a couple of forum regs in cash,not seen IQA on the final table for a while so looks like she is getting her groove back.Well done to'll find this is a decent game to be playing and if you are playing good poker you will get far in this tournament.
I didn't last too long.....flopped a set of fours but ran into the nut flush and had to check call the river bet but managed to only lose half my stack. Smile After that I got too committed with 10 J suited and had to go with it.....just a shame I ran into AA. Sad

A good evening me thinks. I joined late, made it past the bubble, although that was touch and go for a while, and then final tabled and came 8th. The winner, YBLOD, had a right old crash of chips just before the bubble and could have tilted out, but stuck to it and won the whole darned thing.

Better luck next week PINOTTE!

Cheers mate very happy for you in managing to win it , keep up the good work and who knows where good work will bring you hopefully in the future you have more of those kind of wins, that is what i hope so good luck again and also have fun at the tables this is the most important thing that you have to do, enjoy playing and studying and money will come by itself, anyway good luck again cheers have fun at the tables!

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