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I know you are sick about duckpoker problems. But here's another one. After 2 weeks of not playing poker. I came back, and i saw that i have 27 cents in my account, so i decided to play. made $1.57. Last night got myself into a tourney for $0.50 . After 1 hour and 30 mins, it got intrerupted. Tehnical ... The beginning stack was for 25.000 chips. I had 98.000 chips. After 50 mins of waiting, finally got a message. "You finished the tourney on 30th place ( 27 places paid )". They stopped the tourney. I waited few mins, and i saw that i dint received any money, so today i wanted to get them a mail, asking for at least my buy-in back. When i logged into account today, i had $3.64.
I decided to play a $1.10 tourney with rebuy and add-on. I used another 2 rebuys. Now after 3 hours of playing, with 27 places paid, and 33 players out of 127, got paused for 10 mins. It started, i taught it will not. I was with my stack on 17th place. But still it gets intrerupted often i see. In less than 24 hours i played 2 tourneys and both of them stopped after a while.

I will asnwer to some of your question. Why do i still play here. Well it's the only site i have money at this moment. And as long as they pay me, and i don't play for fun chips... i think it's ok even with all their problem.
I made 5 or 6 cashouts from duckpoker with at least $50 each time. And i deposited only once, $5.

P.S.: i just wanted to say something about this, and if any one else having these problems.

Have a nice day / night and GL.

You are having a lot of luck with Duck poker as it seems. I have never played there, but it seems to me, that it is extremely unusual that a tournament is stopped. But if you can win money that way who cares.

Hi mate.

Like in many threads here in the past, against or talking about duckpoker, and my opinion there too, in this case i will just say, that is strange really.
And get your idea of not having money in other rooms, you can get some in freerolls, all of the rooms have freerolls, some with to many players, other with less, but some times you can win some cash, and start a bankroll there, and in this room if you have some money, just cash out, and like you said make a small deposit of $5 or $10 and start with the small like $0.10 or $0.25 cents, and you will no get the need to go with fun chips.

Is it that easy to cash out from duck poker? As I said Im not playing there, but if my mind is serving me right, I thougt I had read in this forum, that one needs to create a certain amount of rake to make a cashout from duck poker.

Only if you want to withdrow money earned from freerolls, than you must generate curtain amount of rake to cashout...

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