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$50K tournamnet. Chip count: top 10., 280 players left (234 ITM/ of 1776), would be a chip leader. WTF?
Straight draw? No. Flush draw? NO. High pair. No. Low pair. No. Try to get me out by bluff? NO.
This is 27.5$ buy-in.
1. How it is posiblle that there are such morons there? On that level?
2. Wanna now the odds ?
80-20% preflop;
95%-5% on flop;
90%-9% on turn;

Ok , he tried to 4-bet bluff(or not, he obviously thought that is a strong hand) , but
3. Why the f**k did he call my raisess? At least he could try to present Q.
Obviously, I know i could have shoved at any point, the point was to get his chips....but obviously this woudn't stop hime to call as well, he would call all in as well.
Any explanation?
I maybe could have played better this and shove preflop or even on flop, but what the f**k was he thinking - how to win this hand? with 9 high?

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on Fridays night around 3 o'clock 4 o'clock people from France are coming home drunk! i don't understand but they want to loose their money! 4 weeks in a row they go all in with 4 and a 9. i have won 4 weeks in a row 350 $ and it was easy.
last Friday i sit on the table , 3 Frenchman sit down. 2 i was sure the where drunk!(the chat was hard to read, when you can't type from the alcohol.

12 mins later i had a stack with $400 i had it from those 2 guys. i said to them. that they can better go to sleep or something else, otherwise i will take everything they have.

it happens every week that drunk Frenchman lose their money

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Its a stupid call from these player but i think he got you on overcards like AK or something else and he want see if he hit the 7 or 9,when you got not a club he had maybe 22% to win on the turn and think its enough.
A very unlucky hand,a friend from me lost a 500€ euro pot in a casino with a set.One player call with crap he had nothing hit and no draw on flop.My friend say to him how can you call that.The answer was I had a backdoor flushdraw Aww crap!

He had the button, and so position throughout the hand. Only halfway believable reason (at least for me). Of cause it was bad play by him, but just come over the top again preflop, or put a propper bet in on the flop, and the hand should be over.

Hi mate.

Yes in that kind of is strange see people doing that, but after you raise and he re-raise, he get the position, on the flop you do the continuation bet, he calls, and on the turn he hit the change to make a straight, and after you bet again e call, and on the river he hit the luck and shove you.
In this hand i dont thing is player is idiot or a bot, he just play with position and get the "luck" on the turn and on the river, and you can do nothing against.
Keep playing and try new spots.

My vote, is the guy is a total idiot, there was no reason to be in that hand. total idiot. Confused

Surely a bot would be better programmed than to play like this?It doesn't look to be a winning formula if it is a bot.
Like you I don't really understand him calling your raises,with the chip stacks and the way you had played it was unlikely that you would ever be letting go of your hand. Smile

This kind of play you see in a freeroll but i did not know that there was such idiot in a tournament with an entry fee of $27.50. It is very surprizing but you still have this kind of players that will play any suited cards at any cost and even reraise. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

To answer your original question. That's an idiot, bots aren't that bad.

I dont know what to say,he is tilting on other table or he is drunk,but question is -why sites provides these types of players and give them chance to finish deep on tournaments with bad plays and wrong strategyes.Just fucking sick!!!

That was a stupid play indeed. Not the first, nor the last, with such game play though.
Could have been someone who won a satellite for this tournament, had no clue,
and kept playing like that Smile I hope you managed to finish in the money.

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