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How long magatt's experiment will last?

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Posted by Marek1978:
I see that you are playing cash tables, I wonder if you'll go out on the plus side of the bankroll. I play for now I just sit & go tournaments, walks differently, but for now I treat poker as entertainment. Maybe one day that will change.
Best regards and wish you success

Hey there,
thanks for posting here. I prefer cash game mainly because I can stop my session the very second I want to and don't have top wait for the tourney end. I can have short session like , lets say, 30 minutes or also less whenever i have some spare minutes.

Also think playing cash game is the only way, with that low bankroll, to earn vip points quickly hoping to get $10 chunk of bonus before going busto Big Smile

Poker is an entertainment for me as well, as you can guess, and it will never change for me.

Do you play at pokermira as well?

Daily update.
Yesterday could only play a little bit.
Mixed NL2 and NL4 tables, multitabling 6x as usual.
Bankroll is quite stable (lost less than a couple of Dollar Dollar , bright side is I'm slowly getting closer to 200 VIP points mark that will allow me to receive first $10 part of no deposit bonus.

Current bankroll: $ 18.02
VIP Points: 71.35

$20 mark I'm coming Cool

Edited by magatt966 (03 April 2015 @ 07:23 GMT)

I do not I play FullTiltPoker rather sit & go 9 persons. Dlamnie far as poker is entertainment, and maybe one day that will change, but for now I treat it as entertainment. In the past, when I was younger that I thought it was going to be something, but after prolonged stoppages began to treat poker as just entertainment, such detachment from reality.

Been away from poker for some days and my comeback was not as I hoped.

Running bad but it will pass (I hope)

They also are not alllowing me to join me novice tables so I will miss a lot of action.

Lets see what will happen

Current bankroll: $ 8.05
VIP Points: 136.20

It was the easter period with many being more relaxed. But now it is over, you still have money in
and have made some decent points. So nothing is lost so far Smile Get on to it and make some money.
We still need a new "confession" about their cash outs.

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