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Hello dear members of Bankrollmob,

i just got a silly tought that i want to share with you. Imagine that you get 50 referrals a day which would give you 100mobpoints a piece (Its an IF-Scenario) That would mean you earn 5000 mobpoints($50) a day. Is it possible or am i seeing it wrong?


yeah it could be but getting the players is what is difficult as the site is already grown so much but you could try as there will always be some untapped market so good luck and hope you get it working for you would be great as you will get mob points and also you will contribute to this community cheers mate have fun at the tables and good luck getting a lot more people here, cheers peace out going to rest now and watch tv!

Haha thanks for your comment mate! It would be a dream, aint in? Just relaxing and watch the refs join. Im wondering if there are people on this website who are getting lots of refs and how much they earn doing that. But they probably won't talk about it in the forum Tongue

yeah you can make a living from referrals, and if you are short in numbers we can strike a deal- there is an untapped market of potential customers that is called the democratic and peaceful country of north korea and i have a network of ball shaving stands over there... i smell another business opportunity (or that could be my smelly undies...)

Hello my friend

You are a wonderfull guy thast puts in action one of the most amazing human capabilities: the ability to dream Worship Worship
Some say that when the man dreams the world moves forward so for me is good to dream no matter how much crazy the dream is Worship Worship

Keep on dreaming Cool Cool

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

What is wrong with you guys? He can totaly live from mobpoints if he needs for living 50$ in 6 month O.o

Yea, but you also can refer 50 people a day to poker site. That can give you around 2.5k$ per day and that would provide you really nice relaxed living in house @ Bahamas...

I am just about to leave for work in rain and wind to take care of around 40 noisy children so if you could manage to make a living by just referring people it would be great but I have been to Holland a few times and you will probably need more than the $50 a day,definitely would in the UK Smile

there is no way
even skywins who seems to always crack the safe , he can't make a living from it

your referrals must register and verify their phones + not all gets 100 points ( it depends on countries )

if you can get 50 people to register and verify their phones everyday
that means you have an access to a HUGE traffic .. so with that much of traffic you can get more money in PPC or PPD sites or get paid using ADs

Interesting. In the basic principle of it, yes of course you could earn as much as you want to, however the customers may dry up at some stage so that will start to affect your money making optimisation. Give it a go and see how it goes....... And of course keep us updated here at the forum.

Hi mate.

Like above said, dreaming is a real thing, and its good.
But for you doing that you will need not just post you will need to spam lots of forums or pokersites or somewhere every single day for every single hour, to show people the thing(bankrollmob), and is a hard job to do, and if you see other pro player, that have thing like that in there sites/blogs, and even they can get that to much people to they promotions and thing like that.
But like people said, just give a try and keep update us what is going on.

Big Smile

"I once earned mobpoints for a living, then I took an arrow in the knee."
Honestly if you could get fifty people to sign up under you every day, that would mean you would be responsible bringing 18k mobster onto the site throughout a year. Possible, but highly unlikely.
But of course you could still continue to dream on, brother...

Thanks for all the reactions. I know its just a dream, but i know its possible Blink Im advertising for another website (not about poker) and i get 20 refs a day. Why not try it for this website was my thought Smile I will do my best and let you know how its goin. Cheers! Big Smile

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