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Played some good poker this evening.  0   
Played the Pokerstars 50 $ freeroll this afternoon and ended up finishing 4th out of 10000. Paid out 4.00 $ but the experience of another deep run has really helped with the confidence factor.

I hope to take this new found table success into the calendar month and pull out some big finishes in the very near future.

Also I will be starting my own progress blog for my fellow mobsters and hopefully some of you will follow my journey as April looks to be the start of me taking this seriously and giving 100% of my time.

I hope the new found dedication will show with more positive reults sand in the end a bigger bankroll to show for it. That's why we play, right ?? ?

Good luck Mobsters and have fun and success on the felt.

TheIrish out

In the last few weeks you showed very good result and i congratulate you for these results. Whit waht you show i suppose that you have something in a BR and IMO you are ready to play games other than freerolls. However i wish you good luck in what you want tu play, Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

The results are positive recently pinotte, I do need to play more regularly and dedicate my time to poker if I want to give it a real shot.

I have a bit of an ADD issue which has prevented me from sitting for long stretches but I appear to be getting over those issues and am focussing more and more.

I do have money in the account, that's not the issue I just can't manage to play the cash tables for long stretches. I hope that will change in April and I can bring in some big results and share them here with my Mob friends.

I have seen that you won aa $3.50 18 players SNG why not concentrate on 18 or 27 SNG these are not to long to play and could increase your BR while you play freerolls to keep your concentration for a long period of time. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Welldone mate. Thats a nice score. If you keep posting i will follow your results. Just be pacient, because pacient will result in succes. Good luck my friend and maybe see you at the tables. Cheers! Thumbs Up

Hi mate.

Like other said, play this kind of tournaments and get realy deep to win something is hard, but when they hit is a fresh air on the face and on the bankroll.

Like pinotte said, you in the last weeks have posted some threads with some results, that show if you put some volume and get regular, you will manage better you issues and get know more for and from poker.
Keep going, will be here to hear news from you, preference good Big Smile

Well done on a decent result.I think keeping focus is a big part in poker,all it takes in a big tournament is a few minutes of being distracted from the game can ruin 3 or 4 hours of great play and before you know it you are knocked out of a tournament you had been dominating.
At least your confidence should be up after this result. Smile

Congratulations on your win.
While it is quite an accomplishment finishing at this position with so many entrants,
it is a low prize freeroll, so the game play is a bit different with normal tournaments.
But the excitement is almost similar finishing that high Smile Well done.

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