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I really work on my game with low pairs,so dont give them much power,like use to do before,but i read this guy and i use all my bank time to think fold,check or go all inn,first i want fold,but then after i thinking about how he play almost every hand and in every time raise after flop i just push all.

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Nice read. But his betting pattern made it very difficult to put him on a made hand. Looks much more that he tried to use his large stack to buy the pot. So the most tricky part was to not get sucked out by Jokerstars on the river.

Very well played these guys are very difficult to play its true that most of the time they are just using there stacks to have other players to fold however sometime they hit very good hand and dont change their way of playing and you get caught.But it was not the case in this hand and you made a good pot. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

a lot of players want to bluff from button or in that spot, just keep notes in what position he is raising, and how much he is raising, and you will see that he bets preaty light in late positions Blink By the way nice read Blink

Thanks shokaku.These days i read on book article about Expected Value(EV).I am not clear with this hand,want calcute quick,but seems i am not clear with that,are this EV+ or-? What is easiest way and quicker to calculate and use it this situation to make right decision.I put this guy with wider range 22+ Ax,Kx,Q7+,j8+

And again 66,but this time not hard decision,80 players remaining,over 6k entries.Almost one hour i am not play anything and than boom.

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If i was the guy with K K i would have shoved preflop. What would you have done in this case with your 6 6 fold or call. Question Question

nice play
lucky flop for 66 , only one over-card
it was the right play
since he raised pre-flop , he was gonna continue with anything
and once you called the flop bet , you had to be ready to put it all-in and you did
i can't believe he called so he could catch K or Q
anyway that is good double up for you
good luck

Since than i win 3 times against pair 66 on shove and this hand are double me up

Not sure about your hand, not into poker lately but i think for me its too soon to take this risk in this stage.
But then again, bit rusty with my skills.

Nice hand btw Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

You have to have a strategy when playing the cards from start to finish and also some plan to deviate like what would you do if he checked raised you on that spot and so on, anyway wish you luck pairs are a money maker and if you set mine a lot you should be profitable so good luck and have fun hope you make a lot of money with this cards, cheers have fun and me back to sleep in a bit got work tomorrow lol! Peace out mate!

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