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I was playing snap poker on 888 in BB with K 10 and just a 2BB raise and i called flop come 10 and two smaller card rainbow i bet the pot and he called turn another under card again bet pot and he called the river A i checked and he bet to put me allin after hesitation i thougt i did not have an A and i called he showed a pair of 3 and i won the pot. Smile Smile

risky move
but well played
an Ace is the ultimate bluff card
it depends on the draw available
lot of people would keep calling their draw then bluff the river if they didnt hit
so i would only consider this call if there is a missed draw or i have an information on the player
i guess in this case he was hoping for a 3 Tongue
good play
888 poker sure is filled with fish

Hi mate i hope you are doing well and you played nicely there and manage to make the bluffer pays so well done mate, anyway also keep up working on your game , the more you work the more chance you get to win money and so wish you luck and hope my words will help you work more towards your game and so on! Cheers anyway me going to rest and then wash some football tonight hopefully we will get a cracker between QPR and Villa! Smile

It's not just 888 where the fish reside,their or should be on every site! Folks make calls in F reerolls/micro/low stakes they wouldn't dare or dream of @ higher stake levels...unless they have more money than sense....although i agree it was well played Thumbs Up

Beware bluffy players. A new table sheriff is in town. Blink

His bet at the river smelled a lot like a bluff, and it was one. His play made no sense, unless he had flopped a real monster hand, and wanted to trap you.

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