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Was playing the low roller on pkr $3.50 buy in and had just made the min cashes when I had the following hand.

Blinds were @ 2500-5000 I have a little more than average stack 70k
I get AKo and min raise from a mid position and get one caller in the small blind

Me 60k
Him 40k
Pot 26k

Flop comes JJA rainbow
I have JJAAK

He shoves
I fold.

Giving the fact that I raised from a mid possition I feel he has to fear the ace, the fact that he shoved when we were close to the final table indicated that he wasn't scared of the ace or aqt least had an ace himself, my thinking was he must of put me on an ace and knew he would get a call, so I could only put him on a jack so I folded.

If I had called and won I would of had a top 3 stack but if I would of lost would of been left just short of 4bigs and would of then been in a position where I would probably have to shove weak. I think I did the right thing but would like some feedback.

Ultimatly I finished in 6th place for $35 by having kings cracked by queens AIPF where as when the questionable hand happened the payouts were $6 Thumbs Up

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With a min. raise you can expect a call with any good card or a little pocket pair. So it is very possible that the guy called you with A J and it a full on flop or it was simply a bluff with your min raise you were not to pot committed so IMO you fold was a good call. You end up finish 6th. and got very unlucky with you K K wich would have given you more. Worship Worship

I cannot tell you if he got J or not, you must that figure it out by his gameplay... Did he shoved too often? Is he tigh or agresive player? And one thing... why you min raise with AK? You should at least put 3BB preflop with AK

Also he had less than 10BB so a lot of players shove if he got ace on AJJ flop...


Posted by StheP:
why you min raise with AK? You should at least put 3BB preflop with AK

Because of the stack sizes and the table dynamic.
Any bigger and I would be committing my stack, and probably couldn't of folded.

Also the player hadn't been getting out of line
And there were 30 players left with at least $200 first place

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Would he really donkbet here, if he had a Jack in his hand? With this massive overbet he would only make sure, to win the least amount of chips in the hand, as nearly no hand could call here. I would rather expect a check/call or check/raise from a Jack.

i would shove 12bb preflop with AK. standard play.
as played i dont belive he had J.

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