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As mentioned in another thread, we'll soon launch an "Affiliate toolbox" with help/hints/tools for our affiliates. This will also include interviews, once in a while, with some of our top affiliates.

We've asked a few of our top affiliates if they would like to participate and we already got 1 positive reply, so far, which we are very happy about.

We have our own questions for the electronic interview, but if some of you guys (affiliates, mostly) have questions too, then please post them in this thread and we'll see if we can get this top affiliate(s)'s advice/answers to the question(s)...

(Not all questions might be forwarded to the affiliate and the affiliate is not required to reply to them all - just so you know it Smile )

Also, should the affiliate in question happen to read this thread too, then please don't answer any questions in here - let's save them for when we publish the interview, we can do a "questions & answers"-session later if both parties agree.

Is being an affiliate a full time job or something extra on the side to increase your income?

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Posted by thefodz:
Is being an affiliate a full time job or something extra on the side to increase your income?

That's a good one.

Please keep'em coming, we will be submitting the questions to the affiliate soon.

Think there will be some questions after the interview, I guess this is kinda a dumb question but how do you affiliate, via forums, ownsite signatures etc.

I'm a succesful affiliate and would be willing to answer any questions you may have.

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first of all this is a great initiative.
my question is, where do you start??? many forums don't allow you to affiliate so you can't post your link. I sended some to my friends and some accepted but how can you take it to a next level.

Who is the top top affiliate? probably made 10 grand Smile

If you use a website, how do you advertise your website? And how many people are visiting that website? I also have a website, but noone visits it Tongue

How to make google list your site on 1st result page.

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if you like you can ask me a question.

The most important question I have actualy is how do they advertise there site so unknown people will sign up via their site.

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You can ask me questions but I'm pretty lazy and don't do a lot of things to help promote my site.

I know you guys have been busy with the freeroll and new deals etc.
Just woundering if we are still going to see this toolbox

Certainly hope so, but out of the two affiliates we contacted, only one responded and then we didn't hear back from him again Sad

But we will love to work more with this as soon as time allows.

Looking forward to folowing this thread I need as mutch help as posable Smile started of well now it has died. geting hits but no singe up's Sad

Will there be any "official" banners to promote bankroll mob?
I know that there a a lot of banner here in the forum. But i Think some banner with the BRM-Logo would be nice

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