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Hello fellow mobsters, westside writing. Another month has passed and, as always, it's time to take a look at the numbers. My excel worksheet shows me a profit of 280€ and a 9% ROI , so taking into a consideration that I had a big downswing at the beggining of the month - I'm satisfied with my April results. But for this month I have greater expectations - I just found out that my best frie[...]   Read more » Genious or gambler?

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well it's a tough one, you can admire dudes who went from micro stakes or even freerolls and are playing at the highest stakes now, but it really doesn't matter what road one took, the most important thing is where they ended- if blom took a quicker and more riskier road but won millions by risking a few quid, then it was a very +ev decision. sure he a different beast, way more luck riding dudes then some others, but he knew his style and understood that he has no chances to make it from microstakes so he chose his path and made it to the top. end of story.

I think that this guy is the ultimate definition of a gambler. He doesnt seem to care about the money but he plays against the best players in the world and still comes out on top proving that the boy has got a lot of skill as well

I agree that the likes of those full tilt pros were and still do play with luck. Players who grind the tournaments all year like Negranhu etc have more skill. Live poker it is that black and white. however online is breed on gambling. at some point in order to become a poker celeb you have to take that risk to go to the big stakes - and even microstakes skill doesn't count for much where luck does which is why I think LIVE poker is where everyone wants to make it big on.

gamblers either win or lose.
if you want to WIN then you have to gamble.

Cheers becoming the best man is one hell of a thing to do, and it shows you have good friends and you can enjoy life and there is always some other good news and life is meant to be enjoy, so have a blast there and do prepare a good speech for your best friend, anyway cheers me going out, had fun at work but need to rest a bit have been pulling some rough hours so very tired but satisfied , cheers mate have fun!

Congratulations for you and you friend, because make that step is a huge thing in life.
In poker skills, for what i see you have been playing very well, beside that downswing, you make profit every week, so you have to stay happy and positive.
About the story, for a lot of players make that kind of thing is a routine or a life oportunity, that after a while decide if they continue or not, for a small percentage of pro or not players make this, after a while is huge and a life changing, for others is a ruin in life and a oportunity to stop playing poker.
Just keep playing and make us proud.

The funny thing about Bloom that he had 2k for first time just to bust out on it as an amateur. Damn scandinavian economy, right? Good luck raising the money though, but you know bachelor parties usually payed by the participators as a whole, you don't need to put this one only on yourself.

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