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This is just unbalivable.Or he is retarded or is this scam.Its on crucial moment for move higher on tournament.Dont think its normal...never see something like this in this phase of game.We both have solid stack and patient and he play very careful and somehow decide it play this! Not see this s**t even on freerolls.god damnit,i am knew it something is going on.They use many tricks to kick me out and than put bot to play thats funny hand to kick me out...damnit.I am not stupid,play over five years every day and night and know,fell it,when something is fucking wrong
god damnit,sites provides calling stations,donks,monkeys,russians debile,idiots etc etc

Full Tilt Poker Game #35564382937: Velociraptor (294040846), Table 60 - NL Hold'em - 1500/3000 Ante 400 - 01:19:43 CET - 2015/05/12 [19:19:43 ET - 2015/05/11]
Seat 1: SARGO32 (17,784)
Seat 2: buzlepetru (97,336)
Seat 3: goralments (189,362)
Seat 4: slowplayulle (61,578)
Seat 5: Andruha353 (32,044)
Seat 6: iraque78 (67,004)
Seat 7: TureM (43,534)
Seat 8: Marty-McFly-MMc (99,760)
Seat 9: Kali1987 (71,170)
SARGO32 antes 400
buzlepetru antes 400
goralments antes 400
slowplayulle antes 400
Andruha353 antes 400
iraque78 antes 400
TureM antes 400
Marty-McFly-MMc antes 400
Kali1987 antes 400
TureM posts the small blind of 1,500
Marty-McFly-MMc posts the big blind of 3,000
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to iraque78 [Jc Jd]
Kali1987 folds
SARGO32 folds
buzlepetru folds
goralments folds
slowplayulle has 15 seconds left to act
slowplayulle folds
Andruha353 raises to 31,644, and is all in
iraque78 calls 31,644
TureM raises to 43,134, and is all in
Marty-McFly-MMc folds
iraque78 calls 11,490
TureM shows [7d 5h]
Andruha353 shows [3s Ah]
iraque78 shows [Jc Jd]
*** FLOP *** [Ks 5c Td] (Total Pot: 124,512, 3 Players, 2 All-In)
*** TURN *** [Ks 5c Td] 6 of diamonds (Total Pot: 124,512, 3 Players, 2 All-In)
*** RIVER *** [Ks 5c Td 6d] 7 of spades (Total Pot: 124,512, 3 Players, 2 All-In)
TureM shows two pair, Sevens and Fives
iraque78 shows a pair of Jacks
TureM wins the side pot (22,980) with two pair, Sevens and Fives
Andruha353 shows Ace King high
TureM wins the main pot (101,532) with two pair, Sevens and Fives
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 124,512 Main pot 101,532. Side pot 22,980. | Rake 0
Board: [Ks 5c Td 6d 7s]
Seat 1: SARGO32 folded before the Flop
Seat 2: buzlepetru folded before the Flop
Seat 3: goralments folded before the Flop
Seat 4: slowplayulle folded before the Flop
Seat 5: Andruha353 showed [3s Ah] and lost with Ace King high
Seat 6: iraque78 (button) showed [Jc Jd] and lost with a pair of Jacks
Seat 7: TureM (small blind) showed [7d 5h] and won (124,512) with two pair, Sevens and Fives
Seat 8: Marty-McFly-MMc (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 9: Kali1987 folded before the Flop

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That is sick defending SB O.o Tongue

he is just idiot,drug.not defending anything.I watchem later and yes,he is total,ultimate idiot!!!
Not understand what he doing so deep in tournament.Probably,just stay to f**k me in the head,after i lose all stack on blackjack Big Smile Big Smile

JJ all in vs 57 you take that everyday a re shove from small blind you expect at least QQ or Kings or AK AQ just bad luck or a miss click by the 5 7 after a bottle of vodka Big Smile

Posted by pelinimed:
...he is retarded or is russian....

...Exactly....! Big Smile Thumbs Up

He would have been down to 12-13 BB, if he just folded this hand. Maybe he thought it would be pointless to continue playing with so low a stack and wanted to gambool and take his chance to triple up.

It is always annoying when someone does something unexpected while playing internet poker as you just never get the chance to know why it happened.I have been playing for a few years now and sometimes I will get distracted and make mistakes or sometimes if playing a few games I would lose on one game and tilt and do something stupid on another.
One thing I do know is if I win a hand like this is think what a dummy and just move on without a second thought.A lot of the time you would have won the hand and there is nothing you can do when someone is prepared to sacrifice their tournament. Smile

As i said before use a hand converter they are free and you make people reading it easier for them rather than to go through a lot of stuffs and wasting time lol, anyway cheers have fun at the tables and hopefully you will post more often and we can check the hands out , anyway me going out for the day im out and wanna sleep a bit got tired from work and have to rest as i have work tomorrow lol, cheers mate have fun at the tables!

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

This is the daily stuff that happens at poker crazy moves, kamikaze players, perfect donks ,retarded players or russians Aww crap! Aww crap! there is always a lot to pick but it´s poker in the long run those kind of players and there crazy moves will pay the prize but until then they crash you game Aww crap! Aww crap!

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

well,its absolutely an idiot player it was.sometimes we cant blame this guys in tournament,but on cash game is tough and i think idiot players must avoid to play donk.although tournaments is more profitable ,unexpected wins maybe thats why some just take it to easy to steal chips.

S**t happens here's one from the 100 K on Stars AQ vs 109 all in Sleepy

Posted by vic75:
S**t happens here's one from the 100 K on Stars AQ vs 109 all in Sleepy

LOL what a cooler... you hit broadway on flop, he only got bottom pair and he hit runner runner full house... :S It is good that is freeroll, but if it wasnt I would throw away my pc, expecialy if this happend near bouble :S

After this,i am suspended all month on PS and FT.They frozen my acc-s and tell me to goo on relax vacation hahahaha Big Smile.Its boring without poker,just read and watch videoclips,not have money for playing on 888 and partypoker. I am ultimate idiot,yes i am.What think i am change to send him emails Aww crap! .Yesterday i spend few hundred bucks on slot machine in local casino,but still refuse deposit anywhere.Waiting friday freeroll on partypoker to take money and do something there.I am the best on freeroll mode Big Smile

Dont you know that 75 off is the nuts??? Big Smile for me is 35 and 74, for negreanu is T7, doyle bronson is T2, phil hellmuth is 72, u just ran into the guys favorite hand and lost,
or mb he said to himself these guys probably have ace of some sort, they will block each others outs and i stand a bigger chance of hitting a pair and taking down this pot, i can not stress how many times i lost with AK, AQ, AJ to a pair of 5`s, 7`s even 2`s, when u get dealt AK and u raise like u supposed to do, u get 1 or 2 callers, and the flop comes 4,5,8 what do you do??? Well for me u actually have 2 choices, to Cbet and feel out where u stand, or bet big so they put you on J`s or Q`s, since u did not go all in preflop with Ace`s or K`s,
or mb just mb, his girlfriend called and told him if he gets in 5 min in to her apartment he will have unlimited all night access to her sweet round and bouncing titties, but after he tripled up he called her back and asked her to up the stack's or he would just continue playing poker Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

This idea to make long-term bothers me AND MUCH , I do not see much sense in this thesis since variably the RNG tend to impose on certain irreparable losses, you see, I can not win a hand even in drawn to straight or flush as early as compensation lose all that I'm winning until the turn , Friends database, we must know that all online households were using database and may well put the AI against the players, no doubt there bots or scam these programs. I try to play for fun , as to enrich , this is a utopia.


And the mathematics of these donkeys , is sharp , constantly come out victorious in a drawnshwip Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

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