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Hi guys!

If you read my new player thread you'd know i'm knew to poker!
So I went to my local cardroom tonight- and I had a backer for the 20+5 buy in. and we said we'd split 90/10.

Win a couple of hands! lose a couple of hands!

I make a live play error- that saved me massively- I move my first stack of chips in-release them and then declare all in - with JJ- Dealer says its just a call (was 3 betting). Checks the flop- Q on river- guy jams- shows AA.

End up cashing 3rd place and taking £440 pounds + a £50 pound seat.

Congrats on your 3rd place finish. good luck in your future game. Thumbs Up

Its all good and well, but one thing just makes no sense, why would u have a backer for a 25 pounds tournament Confused unless hes a good buddy of yours and you wanted to let him in on the money, other then that, good job buddy keep it up, and since you are new at poker, i suggest u read and watch videos and books on how to improve your game, and since you are playing live poker u better start learning reading people, spotting tells, and playing angle`s that would make your decisions on the table easier, and last but not least good luck Thumbs Up

He is a good buddy+ he's the guy that got me into poker- didn't really expect to come anywhere near the money- so he basically just give me the buy in and the split was more of a joke because he didn't expect me to cash!

Interesting story Curtlyref, and herein lie the vagaries of live poker. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't leave it open to others to interpret your play and don't get caught out by common parlance. Well done on your win. Hopefully you get more on the road to greatness.

Cheers mate well done on your first live cash, hopefully this is the start of many more, keep up the good work and have fun at the tables hopefully you will make more money on the live events, live events are hard you got to remember the hands they played how they play and which cards you played and how you play them as there is no software to use just your brain , also there is a chance of you getting bored because of slow hands dealing!

The best way to start your live games, Well actually bets would have been if you had won
the first place for the game Smile but that payout was awesome.
Be careful with your movements on the table. This time ended up good for you Smile
Good luck in your next live, take it down. Thumbs Up

make sure there is good security!
so no thugs tries to rob you

Thanks guys!

Yes was a great expierence getting to the final table then winning the hands to move past the bubble and into the good money!

How much should one tip? I gave £10 which seemed to be the norm from the other people in the money?

You have to tip?

if u dont, u get beat up by a thug

What a magical world we live in.

I see why you have to tip now though which is fair play. Depends where he lives in the UK though our thugs are not always that smart around here.

Don't have to tip- but from reading around online/what was happening in the cardroom it seems to be implied. suppose dealers will be on minimum wage so tips boost there earnings.

Every ok sized pot on cash the winner was tipping and every one who cashed seemed to tip.

I don't get this link to thugs- This was at a WSOP affiliate casino? Yes there are a lot of guns in nottingham - but no one is going to know i've got cash on me + compared to the rest of the casino 440 was nothing- so maniacs playing 5/10 nl (or 1000nl as it'd be called online)- some really bad players too.

Congratulations on your tournament success,if one of your friends is backing you then you must be doing something right and confidence is always a good thing in poker.
If this was Nottingham DTD then if there are thugs around there will be many very well off players around to rob. Smile I think it is good to tip though if I owned a casino I would prefer not to have very poor dealers around so much cash,hopefully they get more than minimum wage. Smile

Hi mate.

First of all, congratulation for that good result that you haved.
Second, you have a good mate/friend that maybe give it you a good knowledge for and from poker live and the game.
In the end it all about the win, and for what i saw your mate give you a nice help in the and you maked a good use and get a good money prize.

For the future is keep playing and learn more from the game and grow up a nice bankroll for future live or online tournaments.

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