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I hate inefficient systems. In my job in education I see a lot of these on a daily basis. Double marking, needless costs and time wasting tests all lead to extra work, extra cost and little benefit and it drives me mad. I see it on a day to day basis in my non-work life too. One example would be when I had to go to the council office to hand in a photocopy of a document. This wasn't a document[...]   Read more » Inefficiency

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Having worked at the Council, I know all about their inefficiencies - The last time it finally caught up with them they had to lay off around 20% of the staff... but due to just how inefficient they were, that still left them with 20% too much staff. The lady sitting behind the desk had probably been working there too long for them to be able to afford her redundancy, so paying her minimum wage to sit behind a desk doing a pointless job is probably cheaper for them Smile

Haha I went to the town hall to get a copy of my birth certificate, I told then i would happily wait or come back for it later and they told me that I would have to pay an extra £10 for that so so OK if you can just send it in the post then at greater expense for yourselves, I il keep my 10 and mak e you do the extra work then.
Greedy bastards.

In some of my roles I have been working on process improvement, first analysing, what needs to be done, then how it is done, then when it need to be done by, looking for that first step in efficiency sometimes does not cover off all three areas, if there is not a holistic approach it is sometimes better to do no improvements until the whole has been analysed, the required change communicated to all that are involved in each process and the new process incorporated into the revised procedures. WTF has this to do with poker? Well, if you are looking to increase your profit, or your skill level in mixed games, or your read on opponents,etc, where you target your personal improvements need to be analysed first, then maybe a study plan mapped out and sometimes forgo the profit to gain extra experience for the greater and long-term goals.
Thanks again IQA, I look forward to your next blog.
3P out, gl all mobsters

Yeah saying you will do the work later then and do not do anything is a receipt for disaster and all as there is always more important thing if you defer some task right now, as you never know what the future holds. Anyway do not put thing away , do it when you have them and so anyway good luck at the tables and keep updating those blogs it is fun to read and all, cheers mate!

My family own a big out of school club and nursery so totally agree with you about the education system.The amount of time spent on paperwork etc is just ridiculous,we have lost excellent young staff that leave because of the pressure of paperwork when all they want to do is work with the kids.

I just read something inthe paper this morning who was talking about the inefficiency of the education system here and the guy was saying that it was the same in many moore country around the world. And then your blog that just confirm what i just read what a coincidence. Very interesting blog always nice to read you. Thumbs Up

I totally agree. On Saturday I spent nearly two hours on a call to the bank. At the conclusion, I had to provide a copy of a document. My options: post it in, at the cost of a stamp, or take it into the local branch who will scan it into they system, at no cost! Ahem..... There is a cost: my time to stop doing what I am doing and get across town and back to the branch ( which incidentally won't be for another two days). So, I suggest, while I am in the phone to you, which incidentally took you nearly two hours to agree the point I opened with, I can send you a scanned copy by email and you can attach it to your system yourself and you will then have everything you need to confirm what I need. I'm sorry sir came the reply, our system doesn't work like that!

Well it darn well should!

Inefficiencies created by people who devise systems in blissful ignorance of what is possible!

It's all wasted poker time!

Let's demonstrate and then go on the p1ss to show solidarity against gross inefficiencies in the state!

Who knew goverment and especially local goverment works in an inefficient way? Wasting money, time and energy on things which should be common sense, and withdrawing funds from things which should never be cost-efficient because of their importance. This is life and everybody is clueless.

I know about inefficiency as i do accounting as my job and sometimes you are right we do things that are not efficient when we could have used the time in a better way like to manage some stocks transactions, can be applied to your bets and bankroll when you play poker and all, anyway good luck mate have fun at the tables and hope you continue to post always good to read those posts about good thing.

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