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Pokerstars league - 1 month - Better prizer per tourney.   0   
¿ Who would like a monthly league with better prizes per tournament, instead of the current three months league ?

I think it could be interesting also to remove players who do not belong to the league, many people play for the money of the single tourney and not for the league, they get the password and end up being an obstacle for those who are members.
If you agree; Is there any way to communicate this concern to Bankrollmob?

Greetings and good luck at the tables.-

Nope. Wont happen sorry man. Its been an issue since ive been here. Its good for business eventually ppl get sick of looking for passwords and join. And there is 650k members here so the freerolls are bound to be big. Make a deposit save your time and heartache from beating out thousands of player for pennys. The 0.10$ 360mans are weak as they come and much better value then the little 25$ freerolls

Do not expect any changes, it is not going to happen. Old subject, that has been discussed
way too many times. Things work good for BRM as it is.
Password sharing is very hard to stop.
At the end, it is a take it or leave it situation. And no matter what, since it is free you can only win
from this, even with things like that.

It,s simple: Bankrollmob could provide 6 daily tickets per player, those with registered nickname.

All kinds lf ways they "can" do it but it will never change. It would be alot of hassle for brm and pokerstars/fulltilt to organize tickets just for the sake of a 25$ freeroll. Its good for business having ppl stealing the password it sparks interest in checking b out. And loke said above and in every other post about this subject theres 650k members here having a freeroll with only 10k+ is a breeze consodering how big they can be. Id once agin suggest dropping the brm freerolls the value is worth less then a penny and make a small deposit. 10$ will give u 100bi for 0.10$ sngs and u can build a roll off them. Be a longgggg time tryin to do that on brm freerolls

i dont mind if they dont join bankroll mob, that way if they do win a good place. they wont be in the way for the 3 month top 200 leaderboard prizes.

Hi mate.

Like arsenej1 said above, do that will never happen because the business that bankrollmob has, and play this kind of freerolls for how are starting in poker and try to "learn", and get some knowledge from what poker is all about is a good thing, but for how are in poker for a while and know who to play the ABC and want to make more and grow stay playing that freerolls is not a good option.
Trying the low/small tournaments that, in this case pokerstars, have is much a better way to learn and get some money.

Enjoy sun and life, keep playing safe.

Thank you Smile

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