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I love Poker else is a frustrating sport when results are slow in coming.
I already know and play to a 5 year, more studying more seriously less than eight months.

And it's f**k, studied much we read the materials, see the videos, noted, revised tournaments, train ICM.
And yet the results do not appear.
At least I imagine a lot of people go through it or has passed, it is my case.
I realize I'm improving my game and doing the right thing and yet it seems that never comes my turn to stare.

Yesterday was so well discouraged and disillusioned with the day and the various losses of the day.
I decided to enter a tournament turbo 8 Euros in the WH, and I ended up second, taking a 14 euro profit.
It was cool, excited me and today was the same thing only started the day excited to play and ended up failing again in MTTs.

And again I went back to get discouraged, I think it's too much poker in the head all the time thinking about playing or studying'm tired and stressed more still want to play more.

Ai ended up entering a turbo cash (those who keep changing table in each round)
I entered with 2 euros minimum and less than 30 minutes was already over 8 euros.
And again I returned to be happy !!!

Hi mate again.

Is a good thing doing many of threads posting question, that we don't remember to ask, and for some players and times is good to know other opinions.

About the question, for lot of players the start is a good thing, and after a while they don't know what happens because they can win, and came frustration, but they get a few days way from poker and back with other mind, more fresh and with new ideas, and start again and after a while they continuing in the win road, and because poker is a long run things, after a while playing and get some wins you don't think that discouragement and just keep with excitement to play and keep in a good way.

The key, i think, is after a while playing and get that stage, stop play for a while, maybe for some days, and get back and try to read some thing about the game, and play, you will see some things get diferent and maybe in a good way, not greatest but in good.

Yeah it happens every time to me after i lost a bankroll would think about my loss for weeks and then after a while it is gone then i have to go find new money to be able to play and all and have to wait sometimes forever as i do not want to deposit and cannot deposit real money and have to hunt bonus and wishes for me to win mob points and all to be back in the game , anyway good luck again have fun and do make a lot of money!

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