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There sixth sense in Poker ???  0   
I do not know if it happened something like you?
Sometimes as I'm the one hand is the favorite type 2 pairs a set and the River turns into magic that letter for your opponent.
I believe this to happen to anyone and these are hand we lost a big part of our stack. But do not know with you but me seems to have something saying does not increase the bet that you will lose, there looking at the board I say but how will I lose because I have the best hand and is imposivel I lose and I'm not even talking about odds or hand outs are very good even. I'm starting to try to listen more this voice and I can say that my results have been improving constantly. I read a book about poker pisicologia reading the adversari but I think the hardest pisicologia to understand is our own. Now before you try to read the thoughts of my opponent I will try to read the signs that appear in each round.

In my humble opinion poker is a mathematical game, but a mathematical logic without equal human beings. And before we know the opponent has to know yourself.

A hug to everyone and good studies

Well looks like you have copied and pasted again, as i said on the last post it is just a waste of time and you would have been quicker if you posted something that was on your mind and all rather than go on a site look for an article which you think is good and then post it here lol, anyway have fun doing it if it gets you some fun , but i do not think that you will receive points for your trouble , peace out mate do not do it again?

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