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Does poker is a game of chance or skill?  0   
A good person to play poker may assert that it is a game of skill, while a poor person to play poker random usually blamed for their losses.
Who is right? Or perhaps the most important question: Can you improve playing poker or is a matter purely random?
I think the hand of cards determines the winners and not their individual skills. While the cards predict the winners of the games, the skill is important, but only to reduce losses when a player has a bad hand of cards.
What do you think? Question

Hi Max, At he highest level I would say 87.5% skill 12.5% luck as you move down the levels the luck component increases. This means at lower levels you will be playing people that can not read the play as well, so will call your AA with 77 and possibly bust you, were at a higher level they would of folded to your 4 bet. However that said the people that have more skill tend to make it to the business end of the tournament much much more than players that rely on luck.

GL all mobster 3P out.

you need skill in order to be a winning long term player at very high stakes games especially when you play versus guys who really need money or want to be a well known player...

poker is a game of cards, not a game of chance or skill.

most important skill to master at live poker is to take your chances with free drinks on offer, this reduces no house edge, but increases your headache in the morning.

good luck at your poker adventures. if in doubt ask and mobbits will be happy to help out.

Hello my friends and fellow mobster

I think that is a combination of both Confused Confused but the poker skills are the thing that will keep you ahead in the long run you can get away with a lucky and sometimes but your poker skills will make you win more often

Of course a little bit of luck soed not harm you and is very welcome Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

Skill Sleepy

Poker: skill

Poker in freerolls / micro stakes : chance

Posted by lukasb:
Poker in freerolls / micro stakes : chance

Skill will give you an edge at any level. The skill of evaluating your opponents play, and adjusting your actions accordingly, works in freerolls too.
It's just that your actions may be radically different in freerolls, but the skill to do so, is more or less the same...

What got clear of all that left in this post is that poker is so exciting just because we all think differently
We will never agree, for some it is one thing and for others it is completely the opposite
Health and success to everyone, and while win at the tables, that will be right for everyone Worship

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