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Hello all my friends and fellow mobsters

Hope you are doing OK with me everything is cool Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Just won a $3 free bet at the 888 wheel of fortune Thumbs Up Thumbs Up now is the doubts time where to place the amazing amount of $3 bet?

Also don´t really know how this free bet works if only one bet release the amount of the prize or something else Confused Confused

Well done av1966, I'm not sure what the rules for the free bet are. It's probably a simple free bet which will have no other restrictions than you get what you win big don't get the $3 back. Give it a go, alternatively have a look at the terms and conditions to confirm. Good luck either way.

I won the same $3 bet last week and it is pretty simple to use.I used mine for a horse racing bet,didn't win but I thought I would go for a longshot and try and get a decent return.
There is a free bet tab on your slip after you pick your selections,you'll work it out easily when you log on.
Just found a link---the $3 betting terms are at the end of the page.Good Luck.

Cheers mate well done good luck again and hope you win more of those free bet, but most of all you can use those free bet and earn yourself a big payout maybe go for an accumulator if allowed and you can banked a lot like even say 7 selection at odds of 1.2 and hope for the best or go for a long shot either way it is you choice so good luck at the tables have fun and make a lot of money , cheers peace out mate have fun again!

Well my friends and fellow mobsters
thanks you all for the help I´m not a regular at "betting" so I don´t know much about this maybe I played the $3 free bet wrong but this was what I did

Choose a euro qualifier game kazaquistan vs turkey turkey to win Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Was the right result and the $3 free bet paid me $1,20 Confused Thumbs Up

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

Hey least you won a small amount from the free bet,you must have had some terrible odds but can't really complain with free money. Smile
If you are looking for a decent game on 888 then try one of the "fish n chips" tourneys,there is a game for a dollar which is fairly decent and some of these are freezeouts so no rebuy crazy business. Smile

BankrollMob Forum » Betting Forum » 888 prize won

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