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duckPoker- scammers  +3   

my account on DuckPoker -VALHALLA
I won in a Freeroll from bankrollmob 5 euro.
translated to the casino and lost, translated its 2euro and also lost, made a Deposit 15 euro and won at the casino on them - 53 euro.
duckpoker refuses to pay me the winnings in casinos is demanding to earn points for previous wins in freerolls

support - (As explained in our previous email, you must earn 175 Points in order to withdraw the €29.3 won in Freerolls. At this time, you can request a maximum withdrawal of €27.)

I see no reason for wagering money which have been withdrawn, and I think rum and casino scams duckpoker
please tell me the data of the Commission , which had issued licenses for complaint

well you got put your money through some pots, to earn those points, and dont lose them... just play as best as you can, and I think you will make it Blink


thank you, play poker room where you don't pay the winnings I won't, why? win 1000$ and I will be ten years to win back? Big Smile

Than go to ps or ft and play there Blink

I don't get it,why people win such a small amount and try and cash out such a small prizes,why not build it up to some thing respectable,and then try cashing out,as for duck they have stated in there [email protected]'s that is what you need to do if win money in freerolls,by playing in the freerolls you are accepting those terms,it's not duck pokers fault if people don't read them.

Hmm yeah you got to be wary of new sites they are paying but as soon as there are more cashout than deposits they will get liquidity problems and will not pay some of their bonuses, just google bet365, they used to not pay but now they can and they big now, all about business model anyway good luck at the tables hope you get paid anyway peace out me out of here got to rest and do some study then maybe i will play poker!

xxxpokerxxx if you try for higher amounts you will probably end getting 0, 99.99% of the times.

Now from what the OP said, he claims that he lost the money won from the freeroll.
He made a deposit and with that money he won, and then tried to cash out.
SO what they are asking from him, if everything is as he claims, is illegal and unethical.

Try find my in their TOS where something like that is described.
I won a freeroll in poker, lost the money and then i still have playthrough requirements, while i have deposited? Seriously?

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Well it has been a while since the last post trashing duck poker it seems to be a regular topic Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
They have a strange way of handle the with withdrawl issues don´t understand this rule because he won is money after depositing Aww crap! Aww crap!

If it was with me I´ll take the amount autorized out (27 euros)

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life

Posted by xxxpokerxxx1:
I don't get it,why people win such a small amount and try and cash out such a small prizes,why not build it up to some thing respectable,and then try cashing out...

Because they might have some problems with the build up period I assume - so they want to use elsewhere these small increments they made here.
But tbh it's really pityful and ridiculous expecting freerollers to generate rake/wagering on something which wasn't deposited by them in the first place. This why nobody here loves duck - just 'cuz they have a sneaky T&C it does not mean this is a righteous business move.
Also OP - it's not gonna happen. Duck will never going to say they were wrong about this.

Duck Poker is a complete waste of time, glad you did not waste more of your time to build a big bankroll there just to end with huge frustration which can bring you to smash your laptop, computer or even your iphone etc...

Well, if you don't lose the free.roll money and keep building profit from it, it's not a waste of time... But if you do, do not deposit. I don't think they even realise what they're doing is wrong. They clearly lack experience, or the owners never play poker online...

If someone has no intention of depositing, then why play there in the first place.
Freeroll winnings or not, even if you have made it with the play through requirements, you will have to
deposit prior to the first request for a cash out. So...?

Some modest places allowing you to cashout without depositing first, if you made through your money via no-depo casinochip or in case of poker - many freerolls - sometimes an ID verification is enough for them if the wagering is met. Of course many places require to deposit so that could become another layer of identification to make sure you are not a multiacc.
But honestly if you read through OPs post - he was depositing without problems, but Duck tied-in his recent casino winnigs to his prior freeroll winnings which was already in the gutter but their requirements had stand still.
It was an utterly ridiculous and pathetic move tbh.

Pretty sure their "system" was like this all along... If you make any profit in freerolls you're gonna have to meet the requirements to cashout, wether you lose it or not. That's why when I cashed out of there for the 3rd time I knew I was withdrawing my whole BR. I just didn't feel safe with my BR there and their support showing no sign of life. I was playing small SnGs and HU SnGs just to make points so I could get the hell out of there Blink

hi man i also, have a account and i have problems wit the account. send me a message to [email protected] maybe if you want to

Edited by roostero (10 June 2016 @ 01:00 GMT)

if you look crappy, like really shitty poo

if you have no customers

you should not block people and send them automated mails

you should treat them nicely

Boycot them

I was also grinding with money givin by brm for the freeroll.... so basically they are steeling money of brm, because they keep the money earned by members of brm......................................................................................

so brm is paying for freerolls that gets on accounts that gets blocked and never get unblocked.

and no one understands this...

anyway Boycot them !

Hi. You not the first to whom they don't pay. Before to play, it was necessary to read reviews of it poker the website. The reputation at them awful is more similar to fraud. I wish good luck if at you it turns out to improve the relations with this website and to withdraw the money.

the site is dead. nearly impossible to make those points. looks like they pissed everyone off. i also think its a big joke you still have to go through requirements after depositing. i wonder how long the duck will be alive... Disagree Aww crap!

I dont think that this site will last too long in the market.
And of they do, it will be a "ghost" situation, like cake poker.
Thyt are still open. but the only thing they do is "seizing" your deposits.
Better go for the sure ones.

best way is to take no deposit offer,when this kind of sites are in question!and then if you can to earn something,to take advantage from that!not all sites that are here on BRM,that they are 100 % sure and that everything will be good with money!

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