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After few days of total downswings on cash tables.I am back with great hand

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Posted by pelinimed:
After few days of total downswings on cash tables.I am back with great hand

Usually i've got the aces in those situations. Smile

Usually that s**t happens on Stars AA getting cracked up by 22334455667788991010JJQQKK in my years of playing this game if you are breaking even you are winning especially online only free rolls i am sick and tired of donks beating quality hands no disrespect intended for the original poster you get them kings preflop all in everytime Worship Worship

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wow the classic hand, KK vs. AA, those are the kind of hands that take you out of a slump, I expect you to continue earning profits and you continue getting bigger pots, good luck

Thanks for letting me be part of this community and please excuse my English and my typing errors

Greetings from greatgame

Nice hand PELINIMED . When did the hole cards get shown during this hand? We're you all in pre or post flop? I bet your heart was beating fast when your hole cards were shown, and I am sure that the other player was rubbing his hands only to stare in disbelief when the turn and river came out. Well done.

TY...I am open with 3-bet raise,he is play from BB.
He reraise pot size bet and i am call.
After flop,he again make pot bet i call,than after turn,he raise pot bet i reraise allinn,he call and show pair of aces...cllasic!

I already beat AA USING 22 by catching my kind on the flop. 2 cards is 2 card.

Yes two cards is two cards but if you always call an all in bet with your deuces all the time your BR will go down very fast.

IMO with this kind of hand on the button you may take a chance to raise and steal the blinds and one called you could be lucky and win the pot.
In any other position it is a folding hand. Big Smile Big Smile

lucky and very nice pot
i don't think that either of you can do anything at this point
even if the king didn't come , the money was going in anyway
but it did come and made you win an outstanding pot , close to 100$
and i bet there was a guy at the table going like i wish i played my 9-6 of diamonds Big Smile
best of luck in your journey , 888poker is a money making site if you play correctly

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