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Do you think 2 years is a reasonable time frame for this challenge

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Hello to all my friends and fellow mobsters out there and a special Thumbs Up Thumbs Up fror our main man RoninHarper Worship Worship

Well nothing is more important then health hope that your issue is not a very serious one and that you can solve it easily Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Your back again? wish you well a will be waiting to the follow up of the challenge and "candy store" deliveries Big Smile Big Smile

Ronin wish you all the best
of course health come before everything
there is no need to rush with the challenge , it seems you are back in track with the bankroll
so it is good to take some days to rest , then come back fresh to try and make the most of it
we will be waiting for your progress and most importantly we hope that your health improves
best of luck

Posted by RoninHarper:
Well about 16000 hands ago I made change in my opening range, I added all pocket pairs to my opening rand as well as any two cards which were suit with at least one Ace, also added any suited connector of 67 or greater.
Yes this definitely opened up my starting had range and made me a looser player. (turned myself into an idiot fish actually).

I don't think that range is anywhere near too loose Shock its like 15% or something ?!?! And your former "TAG range" is like 5% of all hands(!!!!!) ... Are you playing 6max or 9max cash?

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BankrollMob Forum » Blogs » Poker Mountain Ascension Challenge

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