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Hey Ho Mobsters,

Just watched the WSOP Quad A's vs Royal Flush and it reminded of a game a few weeks ago.

(Forgive the clarity but the main parts I can remember)

Hand One.

Most people get out of hand except for SB. (blinds 50/100)

BB raises $400.

SB calls. SB catches second 2 on flop, BB pushes ALL IN. SB calls. turn 2 river 2.

Quads - SB has 2 7 offsuit.

The very NEXT hand.

Similar thing, this time they are dealing and pick up pocket twos, flop hit their set and get Quads on river.

My question is what are the chances, of the same person getting quads in consecutive hands of the same card???

Before we jump in and say RNG was f%$#ed or game was rigged, this was a live tourney I played and I was sitting right next to her.


(BTW - she was a total donkey and got out before two more levels).

aint rigged to much if she busted out,just the way it isyou hit one quads you tend to get em again not long after. Smile

My quads today Sad

Seat 1: Gabi_Heinze ($19.70)
Seat 2: licilaci ($18.45)
Seat 3: BluffmanDI ($25.10)
Seat 4: Obius ($28.20)
Seat 5: BlufKing2008 ($24.25)
Seat 6: liMbo.tiMbo ($32.35)
Seat 7: BisonMadrid ($5.00)
Seat 8: malin59 ($27.15)
Seat 9: me ($8.10)
Seat 10: smokey48 ($1.95)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to me [9c 5d]
BluffmanDI calls $0.25
Obius folds
BlufKing2008 folds
liMbo.tiMbo folds
malin59 folds
me folds
smokey48 folds
Gabi_Heinze calls $0.10
licilaci checks

*** FLOP *** [9d 9h 9s]

Seat 1: skinskinetti ($1.00)
Seat 2: qsupded ($4.25)
Seat 3: jimknopfxxl ($11.26)
Seat 4: abakusa ($0.64)
Seat 5: marcus4812 ($1.99)
Seat 6: delfiini ($10.26)
Seat 7: Destroyer007 ($2.53)
Seat 8: flashyvulkan ($1.70)
Seat 9: me ($12.68)
Seat 10: Marilyne666 ($9.57)

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to me [Ts 5d]
flashyvulkan folds
ME folds
Marilyne666 folds
skinskinetti calls $0.10
qsupded folds
jimknopfxxl folds
abakusa folds
marcus4812 folds
delfiini calls $0.05
Destroyer007 checks

*** FLOP *** [5s 5h 5c] Sad

I folded both pre-flop

My oponents quads today Sad

Me 10J suited, I just call, SB & BB call
Flop 89Q
Me allin, SB calls and shows QQ
Turn 7
River Q
Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

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